Saturday, February 06, 2010

#1160 Relay Swimming Race In Lake Biwa, Japan Part 5 - Final

Show 1160 Saturday 6 February
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During the race, some of the organizers set up the finish line.
And then we waited for the boats to arrive.

The winning team was Little Mermaid Big LongFeng.
They finished the race in 3 hours 25 minutes and 57 seconds.
It was a new record.

The rest of the teams arrived over the next few hours.

When all the teams had arrived back, everyone picked up some rubbish.

And then it was time for the prize giving.

Today it was so windy at the start
that we weren’t sure what would happen.
But when the going got tough,
we all thought about Morning Musume
and that gave us the strength to continue.
We're planning to come back next year.
Thank you!

We'd definitely like to enter again next year.

We'd really like to do it again next year.
Thank you.

And the winners of today's race are
Little Mermaid Big LongFeng!

We’re hoping to continue our winning streak next year.
So feel free to try and beat us …
if you can.
Good luck.
Thank you.

Finally, there was a group photo.

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