Saturday, October 21, 2006

Show 171 Saturday 21 October

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Sarah’s Dairy
#14 Boxing

Last Saturday I went to a boxing event. It was called Dynamic Glove.
It was at Korakuen Hall. It started at quarter to 6, but we got there late and missed the first few fights.
I started recording the fight before the main fight.
The guy in the white shorts was from Kadoebihouseki boxing gym.
The one in the black shorts was from Watanabe gym.
The fight was 10 rounds long. The round girl kept us well informed.
At the end of the last round, the fighters hugged.
Then they bowed to the audience. The guy with the white shorts won.
Then it was time for the main fight.
First the guy from Watanabe gym came out.
Lots of people cheered for him. And some girls gave him some flowers.
On the other side of the room people were waving pink towels.
Someone gave me one on my way to the bar. It says Watanabe Kazuhisa fan club.
And then the champion appeared.
This guy is Watanabe Kazuhisa. He’s the Featherweight champion of Japan. Well... he was.
He jumped around a lot when he got in the ring. He was wearing a kind of skirt.
I stopped recording before the end because my camera ran out of memory. But the defending champion ended up losing. Bummer.