Saturday, March 24, 2007

Show 325 Saturday 24 March

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100 things to do when you’re not using your computer

(For Shutdown Day ... I uploaded this early.)

1. build a cave
2. sit in a cave
3. clear snow
4. measure snowflakes
5. open a box
6. vacume
7. have a party
8. open some bubbly
9. skate
10. play pool
11. draw
12. catch futons
13. shake your head
14. drink
15. play
16. crawl
17. dance
18. relax
19. sing
20. drive
21. spin
22. go for a walk
23. visit a shrine
24. fill up the heater
25. ring a bell
26. snowboard
27. ride in a chairlift
28. cook
29. eat
30. clean the car mats
31. pick fruit
32. drink coffee
33. play darts
34. stretch
35. sit
36. stand on a bridge
37. wag your tail
38. play hacky sack
39. climb over a fence
40. hug a cat
41. play with dolls
42. busk
43. yawn
44. visit a waterfall
45. make a peace sign
46. use jormon tools
47. study jormon language
48. wear jormon clothes
49. drive onto a ferry
50. sleep
51. scrub the floor
52. clean the walls
53. wipe the walls
54. paint
55. stand on a ladder
56. blend
57. clean the toilet
58. lie on the floor
59. go shopping
60. make a phone call
61. make Christmas decorations
62. wax a snowboard
63. play the guitar
64. fix the power lines
65. make a snow sculpture
66. jump
67. sit in a wheelchair
68. stir
69. play with a chainsaw
70. get some kerosene delivered
71. surf
72. escape
73. do aerobics in the supermarket
74. lie on a whale
75. play a drum
76. go for a swim
77. harvest rice
78. watch fireworks
79. fight
80. have a bath
81. wave
82. jump on futons
83. fall
84. go down a lift
85. DJ
86. dry the dishes
87. roll
88. read
89. turn on the light
90. lock the door
91. pour
92. zip
93. blink
94. strum
95. kick
96. throw
97. open a present
98. clap
99. write
100. light a candle

Show 324 Friday 23 March

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

Yesterday I went up to Hirafu to look at some pottery and it was inside a lodge. And when I was there a woman said to me “are you the girl from The Daily English Show”.
And I was like “yeah!” I was so surprised because that’s the first time anyone has ever asked me that.
And there are so many people in Japan that the odds of someone seeing me online and then actually running into me are pretty small.

So that’s was cool they were a really nice Australian family with some very cute kids.
And hello again if you are watching this.

I also got an email from a Korean person who has been living in New Zealand for 3 years.
And they said:
I (really) have to agree that New Zealand's internet is very slow,some of my friends know YouTube but they just can't be bothered waiting for the videos to load...

And they said the internet in Korea is really fast.
Yeah I heard that too – that it’s really fast in Korea.
And it’s good in Japan too. Fast and cheap.
So, if you like the internet – don’t go to New Zealand. Not yet anyway. Hopefully they’ll sort it out one day.


Kia ora this is Stick News. Yesterday CNN reported that NBC and News Corp were ganging up on YouTube.

YouTube is the most popular online video site in the world. It hosts millions of amateur and professionally made videos – including the world’s first daily online English show – The Daily English Show.
Some media giants are jealous of YouTube’s success ... so they decided to make their own site.
YouTube has responded by releasing a statement saying “NBC and News Corp are just haters and they have been blocked.”

And that was Stick News for Friday the 23rd of March.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
#200 Have you ever been recognised before?

Step 1: Repeat Junko’s lines.
Step 2: Read Junko’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Sarah Someone recoginsed me from The Daily English Show today.

Junko Wow. You’re like a celebrity.

Sarah Yeah. Would you like my autograph.

Junko No, I think I’m alright.

Sarah Fine.

Junko Have you ever been recognized before?

Sarah Yeah, when I was a bartender I was kind of famous. People used to say: “Oh it’s the Grand Central girl” or “Wow, you have legs”.

Junko Why did they say that?

Sarah Because they were used to just seeing the top half of me.