Saturday, January 16, 2010

#1139 Relay Swimming Race In Lake Biwa, Japan Part 2

Show 1139 Saturday 16 January
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The boats left Hikone Port at about 7 o’clock in the morning and motored out 16 km to the other side of the lake, where the race was starting from.


The team we came to see, Little Mermaid, Big LongFeng, took a group photo.

These are the six swimmers, reserve swimmer, camera person, girlfriend.

The swimmers did some stretches and then went for a warm-up swim.

Then the people who were swimming first went to the start line and everyone waited for the race to start.

One minute to go!

Earlier the race had been on the verge of being cancelled because of the rough conditions on the lake but luckily the conditions improved and the race was able
to go ahead.

The first swimmer for Little Mermaid Big LongFeng was Big Kurokawa.

Kurokawa-san, this way!

Each swimmer swam for 30 minutes.

The other team members held up a sign and shouted encouragement, directions
and how much time was left.

Last five minutes!

After 30 minutes, the first swimmer tagged the second swimmer and then climbed back in the boat.

Could you hear what we were calling out when you were swimming?

I couldn't work out exactly what you were saying.
I knew you were calling, "Come here, come here!"
But it felt strange to swim away from the other swimmers.

To be continued …


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