Monday, December 31, 2007

Show 597 Monday 31 December

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How was 2007?

My 2007 was not entirely bad actually. Lots of working, lots of surfing. Ah, a little bit of pain, ah you know as they say, no pain, no gain.
It’s all good. A lot of fun.

It was very good. Good times.

It was very good, thank you.

Outstanding. Yeah, absolutely outstanding. Couldn’t be better.

2007 was alright.

It was a busy year at work.

It was wicked.

A lot happened this year.

What was the highlight of 2007?

It would have to be leaving my Hiace keys on the slopes at Annupuri.

Customers who took my lessons last year returning to Niseko and asking to take my lessons again.

I was injured, but, although I'm poor I'm enjoying life, so it was an excellent year.


artist: Chenard Walcker
track: Auld Lang Syne
from: la Goutte d'Or, Paris, France
download the song here (song 21)
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