Saturday, September 22, 2007

Show 507 Saturday 22 September

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Last Sunday, some nice people took us on a bit of a tour to some places near Wolfville.
The part of Nova Scotia we are in is called the Annapolis Valley.

We drove through a town called Canning and we stopped to look at some Canadian geese.

I really like the colour of the sand on this beach.

We stopped at a place called a look off. There was a beautiful view.

This is Hall’s Harbour. Hall’s Harbour started out as a pirate base. We didn’t see any pirates though.

This is the Acadian flag.
And this is a plant inside a gumboot.
A wishing well.

The most famous thing around here is the tides.

The Bay of Fundy’s funnel shape and prevailing Atlantic Ocean currents conspire with planetary rotation to create the highest tides on Earth – as much as 16 meters above low tide.

See this poor little boat has no water to float in now ... but in a few hours it’ll be a different story. This is a picture from the sign.

Nice rocks.

We went into a really old shop.
They were selling something called dulse. I’d never heard of dulse before.

Then we went to see these cool concrete houses. Some people were renting this house and they let us go inside and have a look.

After we saw the houses, we drove to the concrete house museum.

This is me with a pumpkin. Me and some geese.

We had a really nice lunch at the union street café in Berwick.

Then we went home.


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