Friday, September 28, 2007

Show 513 Friday 28 September

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

Friday is “culture class” day for the English language students at Acadia. And today we were supposed to be going to a corn maize, but the weather wasn’t so great, so it was cancelled, which is a shame, but plan B turned out to be really cool. We went to a place in Wolfville where you can choose a piece of pottery and paint it. It was really fun.
Here’s a bit of footage from the day.


Kia Ora this is Stick News. On Wednesday, the producer of The Daily English Show was interviewed on Canadian radio for the second time in a month.

The national public radio and television broadcaster in Canada is called the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation or CBC.
CBC operates several radio stations including Radio One.
CBHA-FM is the CBC Radio One affiliate in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
It broadcasts both national and local programs. One of the local programs is called Mainstreet.
Mainstreet is on weekdays from 4 to 6 pm. According to their website, the show is “A lively and entertaining blend of national and regional news, interviews, book reviews and recipes”.
This week Mainstreet scored an interview with the producer of The Daily English Show.
The interview was live at around 5:40 on Wednesday.
Also find out what brought an English teacher from Japan all the way to Wolfville and why she has her camera equipment in tow.
Stay tuned, those stories are coming up in the final half hour of Mainstreet. You are listening to Mainstreet on CBC Radio One. It’s five thirty and the local news is coming up next.

And that was Stick News for Friday the 28th of September.
Kia Ora.

friday joke

One day a little boy called Johnny was sitting in a church. He had to go to the bathroom so he said to his mother, ''Mummy, I have to piss".
His mother said, ''Johnny, don’t say piss in church! Next time you have to use the bathroom, say, 'whisper' because it is more polite".
The next Sunday, Johnny had to go to the bathroom again. This time he was sitting next to his father, so he said to his father, ''Daddy I have to whisper".
His father said, ''OK. Here, whisper in my ear".

conversations with sarah
#318 How was the pottery painting?

Step 1: Repeat Tim’s lines.
Step 2: Read Tim’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Tim How was the pottery painting?

Sarah Good. It was fun.

Tim Have you ever done that before?

Sarah No, not like that - where you buy a piece already made and just paint it. But I went somewhere in Japan where you make a piece and then you choose the colour and they glaze it and then post it to you.

Tim Was that in Tokyo?

Sarah No, it was in Tokoname, in Aichi.

Tim What did you make?

Sarah I made three things: a rice bowl, a tea cup and just, like, a plate.

Tim Do you still have them?

Sarah Yeah, I think I still have two of them. I think one of them got chipped so I threw it away. But I still have the other two.

Tim What are you going to do with the cups?

Sarah The ones I painted here? I don’t know. Drink coffee out of them for a start, I guess.


The Clay Ground


CBC Radio


Mainstreet Nova Scotia on CBC Radio One

today's STICK NEWS pictures

Fair Dealing

today's joke (Contains spelling mistakes. I rewrote it a bit.)

Tokoname at Wikipedia

Tokoname pottery

Tokoname more about pottery


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