Friday, March 07, 2008

Show 664 Friday 7 March

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Someone asked me to talk about a Madonna song. I’ve never really been that much of a Madonna fan. But anyway, I choose Material Girl, which Wikipedia says is Madonna’s signature song.

A signature song is the one song that a popular and well-established singer, or band, is most closely identified with, even if they have had success with a variety of songs.

Material Girl was released in 1985 and is off the album, Like a Virgin.

I remember that’s how I found out what a virgin meant. We were listening to that song on the radio and I asked my sister, what’s a virgin, and she explained what it meant.

Anyway back to Material Girl, apparently Madonna has said that she regrets recording it because Material Girl became her nickname. And she said if she had known this, she probably would have never recorded it.

Too late now.

As for the meaning of the song, I think it’s pretty simple, it’s just about a girl who is only interested in rich men.

The boy with the cold hard cash
Is always Mr Right

But in the music video, the woman isn’t interested in rich guys, so the guy that’s trying to seduce her pretends to be poor.


Kia Ora, in Stick News today, the guy who created the Backstreet Boys has pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy and money laundering and now faces up to 25 years in jail.

Lou Pearlman is a 53-year-old American guy who created several successful boy bands including the Backstreet Boys.
He’s also a conman.
Wikipedia says: All but one of the musical acts who have worked with Pearlman have sued him in Federal Court for misrepresentation and fraud.
On the 4th of March he pleaded guilty to charges including conspiracy, money laundering, and making false statements during a bankruptcy proceeding.
He will be sentenced on the 21st of May and faces up to 25 years in prison and a $1 million fine.
And that was Stick News for Friday 7th March.
Kia Ora

at Loaf Lounge

The other day I was looking at this skateboard on the wall at Loaf Lounge. It reminded me of a movie I really like called Ghost Dog.
But there’s a postcard above it which says: Kid Dynamite, the misunderstood bird lover who became the youngest heavyweight champ of all times.
So I guess it’s supposed to be Mike Tyson.

friday joke

I found today's joke here.

Customer: Hey Bro, can you call me a taxi?
Bartender: Sure, you’re a taxi.

conversations with sarah
#407 What did you like?

Step 1: Repeat Kate’s lines.
Step 2: Read Kate’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Kate You didn’t listen to Madonna in the 80s?

Sarah No. I wasn’t really a fan.

Kate What did you like?

Sarah Kylie Minogue. Poison. Milli Vanilli. Tiffany.

Kate Tiffany? Who’s she?

Sarah She was a pop star back in the day. She sang “I think we’re alone now”.