Sunday, April 27, 2008

#715 Marmite

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Sunday Kitchen #92 Marmite

Marmite was invented in England in 1902.
New Zealand Marmite was invented in 1919.
And Vegemite was invented in Australia in1923.

In New Zealand you can buy New Zealand Marmite, Vegemite and apparently, you can also buy British Marmite, which is called Our Mate, in New Zealand.

In Japan, I know you can buy Vegemite and British Marmite. But I’ve never seen New Zealand Marmite available, which is sad because New Zealand marmite is the greatest.

Recently my mum sent me a jar of marmite. As you can see on the label, Marmite is 80% yeast.

After opening the jar, the next step is to find something to put the marmite on. Bread is good choice. Or toast. Crackers are also good.

And the main thing to remember is, don’t spread too much on. Well you can, but it probably won’t taste very good.

Mmm Marmite. Yum.


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