Friday, July 27, 2007

Show 450 Friday 27 July

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Today is the 450th show, so it's time for a special show.
After watching citizenstand's videos I thought I'd try a standing video.
I didn't have time to go and search of some truly interesting places to stand.
So I thought I'd just stand around the house.

So this is me standing under the clothes line. I was trying to keep a straight face but it was hard because Bailey was trying to play with me.

This is me in front of the sprinkler rainbow with Bailey's head.

That's better. This is after we locked Bailey in the basement.

Standing in the outhouse.
In the compost.
Under an apple tree.

In the river.

I decided to try standing at night time too.
But you can't really see me.

That's a little bit better.
Maybe it's better to do it inside the house at night time.

This is me standing at the top of the stairs. Woooo that's pretty scary!

And this is me at the bottom of the stairs. It's amazing what a difference the angle makes.



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