Friday, July 30, 2010

#1258 Double Rainbow, It’s Full On, Tokyo’s Oldest Man Died 30 Years Ago

Show 1258 Friday 30 July
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show. Today’s song is called Auto Tune The Rainbow.

Have you heard about the Double Rainbow meme?

Basically a guy in America filmed a double rainbow and his reaction to seeing this double rainbow, which was a very extreme reaction. He was very excited and overjoyed to see this double rainbow.

He uploaded that video in January. And six months later it suddenly became very popular thanks to an American TV show host and comedian called Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy Kimmel tweeted about the video and linked to it, and then it just exploded … and now the original video has millions of hits and there are lots of remixes.

And the remix I really like is called: Auto Tune The Rainbow.

It’s very easy to understand.

Here are most of the lines:

Double rainbow.
Oh my god!
What does this mean?
Oh my god, it's full on.
Double rainbow across the sky.

Double Rainbow - ORIGINAL:


Sogen Kato was born on the 22nd of July 1899 and was listed as the oldest man in Tokyo.
Apparently city officials were updating their lists of centenarians ahead of Respect for the Elderly Day in September, and wanted to meet him.
But his family members repeatedly chased them away, saying Kato was well but didn't want to see anyone.
Officials grew suspicious and asked police to investigate. Police forced their way into the house and discovered he’d been dead for around 30 years but his mummified body was still lying in bed wearing pajamas.

And that was Stick News for Friday the 30th of July.
Kia ora.

I wonder what his secret is...
Probably healthy food.

He could be the guest of honour!
Great idea!
clap! clap!

He's um... busy... watching TV and... um...

I'm ready boss!
Dude... the guy's a hundred and eleven.

Grandpa's dead? Really?!
How did you pay for that bag?

Word of the Day

Today’s word is full on.

This is a line from today’s song: Oh my god, it's full on.

Full on is an informal word which means intense.

So the double rainbow guy says that the double rainbow is full on, because he thinks it’s amazing and wonderful and intense and he’s really moved by it.

Here are some other ways you could use the expression full on.

If two people in your office had a big argument and it was really intense and weird and uncomfortable and you were telling someone about it afterwards, you could say: It was pretty full on!

Or if someone’s making conversation and they ask you, “How’s work going?” Or, “How’s school going?” And you have a lot of work on at the moment and you’re quite busy and a bit stressed, you could say: Ah, it’s pretty full on at the moment actually. Yeah, I’m really looking forward to the holidays.

friday joke

Doctor, I think I need glasses.

You certainly do! This is a bank.

conversations with sarah
#804 What did it mean?

Step 1: Repeat Katy’s lines.
Step 2: Read Katy’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Katy Have you ever seen a double rainbow?

Sarah Maybe. Not that I can remember. How about you?

Katy Yeah. It was pretty cool.

Sarah Pretty full on?

Katy Yeah. It was all the way across the sky.

Sarah What did it mean?


Double Rainbow (2010) - Know Your Meme


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