Tuesday, November 10, 2009

#1102 Q + A

Show 1102 Tuesday 10 November
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Thank you so much for your nice comments on yesterday’s video and thank you for all your questions too.
I’m going to attempt to answer some of them now.

(question from: moonsterpl)

Are you going to teach English at school in NZ? Or have you got other job?

At the moment I have a few students in Japan who I’m teaching online, using Skype. And the plan is to keep doing that – as well as keep doing The Daily English Show, of course, and keep trying to make that sustainable and until that happens, I’ll probably do some other work as well, maybe a bit more teaching or maybe something else, I’m not sure yet.

Do you miss Japan and are you going to visit it often?

Yes, I miss Japan – I miss certain things especially – and yes, I’d like to go back often if I can.

How about your Japanese? Have you learned much during your stay in Japan?

My Japanese is OK. But I guess it will get worse and worse living in New Zealand – unless I make an effort to do something to keep it up which I’m planning to do, partly for the joy of studying, and partly because I’d like to be able to communicate well when I go back to Japan. And … yes I learned a lot while I was in Japan. I could probably talk about that for a while … but maybe I’ll move onto the next question today.

(question from: waterlilything)

I miss the yellow couch! What happened to it? Do you miss it too?

Yes, I miss it too. I loved the yellow couch. The yellow couch … ah, after I offered to give it away on the show, someone emailed me and she said she lived in Hokkaido and her family really wanted the couch. So, we dropped it off somewhere and then she came and picked it up and took it back to her place … I’m not even sure where it was. She said it was somewhere in Hokkaido about 5 hours drive from Niseko.

How soon will you do more Sunday kitchen vids? I miss those terribly!

Thank you! I’m going to start on Sunday.

Do you have a proper stove now, and can make more delicious cakes and cookies?

Yes, we do. That is *very* exciting. We now have four elements on the stove and an oven. So I’ve been making lots of muffins. And once I get over my muffin phase, I’m planning to move on to cakes and cookies. Although we don’t actually have a cake tin yet, so I’ll have to get one of those.

Have you made any travel vids like the ones you made when you went to Canada?

Ah, kind of, and that’s something that I meant to talk about yesterday. We were planning to make some videos over the break. And we took quite a bit of footage – but we just were so busy that I never found the time to do any editing. So there are a few travel videos in the pipeline, that you’ll see some time in the future. We haven’t really filmed much since we’ve been here … because we’ve mostly just been catching up with family, which, of course, isn’t really appropriate to film. But I’m definitely planning to make some travel videos around New Zealand some time.

(question from: Noah2112)

How do you say 'Aotearoa'?

Um, something like that.

(question from: martinus666markus)

Maybe you could tell us a little bit about kiwi accent?

Yes, that’s an interesting topic and I’d really like to talk about that more in future videos.

Where will you go snowboarding next winter?

Hmm, there is a little bit of snow in New Zealand. It not quite like the snow in Niseko … but, mmm, I might go and check it out. There are a few places you can ski or snowboard in the North Island, but most, most of the ski fields are down on the South Island.

(question from: memetwofive)

When is Sarah gonna be a mom?

That made me laugh because, ah, predictably, it’s one of the lines of questioning that my family came up with when I came back. And the answer is: not any time soon.

What do you like most about NZ?

That’s an interesting question. I think, really, the thing that I like most is just that I have a New Zealand passport and a New Zealand accent and I grew up here … so, everything seems really easy. And apart from that, things that I like you can find in other countries too, like nice people, beautiful beaches, delicious food, sunsets … But specific things that I’ve been enjoying since I’ve got here. Ah, family, of course, and fruit and vegetables are generally cheaper than in Japan, so I’ve been enjoying that. And specifically about Auckland, I like the mix of cultures. Just walking down the street and seeing a whole lot of different kinds of people and hearing them speaking different languages … I really enjoy being amongst that.

(question from: stefkova1234)

Are you near the beach? I lived in Takapuna so was 200m away and loved it!!!

Funnily enough the only beach – or the only Auckland beach - we’ve been to since we’ve been to since we’ve been back is Takapuna – we were over there picking up Trade Me stuff or something, and yeah, it is really beautiful so I imagine you enjoyed it. And no, we don’t live by the beach. We live in an apartment in the middle of the city. But we have a really nice view … we look out over the harbour bridge. So, it’s very nice.

(question from: DingeZZ)

Do you have a personal channel?

This is a question about YouTube. Yeah, I have various other channels on YouTube. For example, randomshotsoftokyo that’s where I used to upload random stuff that wasn’t really related to studying English. And there’s also studiotdes … where I’m planning to upload a dancing video in the next couple of days. That was pretty hard work actually dancing all around Hokkaido, so I hope somebody finds that amusing. And that’s a Japanese parody thing, so that’s not related to studying English. And if you’re asking do I have a video blog kind of channel – no, I don’t, although I did do that Japanese vlog thing on tdesdj.

OK, I think that’s enough q and a for today. And I’m going to do it again tomorrow and answer a few more of the questions. So you still have a chance to ask a question. If you have any burning questions, fire away.

And I’ll see you tomorrow, bye!


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