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Back to Japan 2007
Day 9: Vancouver
What do you think of Vancouver?

I think that it’s really cute. And also I think that it’s very, ah, interesting because there are people from everywhere. And there are a lot of cultures and you can learn different languages also.

I think it’s one of the greatest cities in the world.

Oh, it’s a great place.

Oh, it’s a fantastic city. It’s a wonderful place to live. And being here is part of the lifestyle, ah, rather than, say, the income levels, what not.

I don’t know, I like it ... but I don’t come here very often. It’s fun, though, because there’s a lot of stuff to do...

I think it’s great. I just love it. I mean, ah, this clock, for example, is just amazing. I mean, yeah, I could, ah, I could fall in love with this place, definitely.

It’s a nice city. I’ve been here two years and I’ve had no problems.

Vancouver is very quiet and many ... you can’t see many animal. And ... the air is clean and sometimes noisy but quiet is many time.

Um, it’s great. It’s beautiful and I feel like it’s more like a big town than a, than a city like it kind of has that small town feel to it. And it’s dry today.

It’s good. It’s pretty awesome. I don’t know what to say. Good city.

I think it’s a pretty cool place. I guess. I mean it’s a new city, so ... I mean it’s cool to be involved with something that’s still trying to find its identity. And I guess that’s an interesting aspect of Vancouver.

Um, I really like it. I’m from the East Coast. And it’s ... the weather’s really nice. I love the beaches. I love there’s always places to go for music. And ... I don’t know, the partying’s not that great. I don’t know, the clubs close kind of early. But um, yeah, it’s a nice place, I don’t know ...

I think Vancouver’s absolutely beautiful. Um, we’ve just been to quite a rough area round the corner with a load of druggies and that was quite shocking - but I suppose every big city’s got that. But the rest of it’s absolutely stunning. The hills and the mountains. Just been up, what was that thing we went up? Grouse mountain, today. That was superb, superbly beautiful.
This video was filmed by the Gastown Steam Clock in Gastown, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Thank you to everyone who was in this video for agreeing to answer the question on camera.