Saturday, April 29, 2006

Show 27 Saturday 29 April

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Sarah's Diary
#2 Baseball game

Last Sunday, I went to a baseball game.

Before the game started, I saw some players wearing blue caps.

I saw a guy warming up.

I saw a bird shoot something into the crowd.

I saw some people in interesting costumes selling beer.

I interviewed a person in the crowd.

I saw some kids playing baseball.

I saw lots of big cameras.

During the game ...
I saw some nice hits.

I saw miyamoto preparing to hit.

I saw Miyamoto hit the ball.

I saw another nice hit.

I saw a pretty beer girl.

I saw a lovely rear end.

I saw a Japanese flag.

I saw some players having a bit of a talk.

I saw a guy practicing pitching.

I saw Huruta.

I interviewed a fan again. I asked him how he felt now that his prediction was wrong and his favourite team was losing.

I saw the final score.

And after quite a few beers ... a final interview.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Show 26 Friday 28 April

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Kia Ora. In Stick News today it’s spring in Japan, and the perfect time for a party. About 2000 people rocked on at a party yesterday with the emperor.

This is Akihito. He is the emperor of Japan and the world's only reigning emperor.
He is an amateur specialist of ichthyology and has published many books about fish.
He’s 72 years old. But he still likes to party. And yesterday he invited about 2000 friends over for his annual spring garden bash at the Akasaka imperial garden.
Emperor Akihito spent 90 minutes walking along a line of guests chatting.

Staff at the Daily English Show were expecting to be invited to the party. But despite checking the letter box daily, the invitation… never arrived.

conversations with sarah
# 20 What do you want to know?

Sarah’s co-worker Taka asks her about New Zealand.
Step 1: Repeat Taka’s lines.
Step 2: Read Taka’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Taka You’re from New Zealand aren’t you?

Sarah Yes, I am.

Taka I’m thinking of going there this year.

Sarah Oh, really?

Taka Could you tell me a bit about New Zealand?

Sarah Sure. What do you want to know?

Taka Sorry?

Sarah What would you like to know?

Taka Oh, um, well, what are the most popular sports?

Sarah Sports? Um, well, I guess rugby is the most popular.

Taka Oh yes, rugby. I’ve heard of the All Blacks. They’re a good team aren’t they?

Sarah Yeah, apparently.

Taka Do you like rugby?

Sarah Mmm. Not really.


Read today's news here.

Read about ichthyology here.

Show 25 Thursday 27 April

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Kia Ora. Today two Maori smokefree representatives are meeting a tobacco company in New York to talk about the way cigarettes are killing maori people. Stick News brings you this report about smoking.

This is a cigarette vending machine in Japan. You may be surprised at some of the names of the cigarettes. Lark, peace. You wouldn’t think smoking these things could be so dangerous.

In Japan smoking is on the decline, and some steps have been taken to discourage the habit. There are non-smoking areas in many restaurants and cafes. Smoking in the street is banned in the Chiyoda ward in Tokyo. And in other areas smoking while walking is also discouraged. Advertising smoking is still permitted although the advertisements on trains now come with health warnings.

In some other countries the warnings are much stronger. Such as on this vending machine in Melbourne, Australia.

In New Zealand on December 10th 2004 all bars and restaurants became smokefree. There’s been an aggressive anti-smoking campaign for many years. And smokefree warnings are bilingual. Last year it was discovered that in Isreal, cigarettes called Maori Mix werebeing sold. Maori people were not impressed.

When Tobacco company Philip Morris was contacted about the issue last year there was an immediate retraction and apology. But Maori still have more to say and are meeting Philip Morris’s parent company in New York today.
And that was Stick News for Thursday the 27th of April.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
# 19 Have you been to Hawaii before?

Sarah is on the plane from Tokyo to Hawaii. She starts talking to the woman next to her.
Step 1: Repeat woman X’s lines.
Step 2: Read woman X’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Sarah    Have you been to Hawaii before?

Woman X Yes, about ten times.

Sarah    Wow! You must really like it.

Woman X Yes, I do. It’s a beautiful place.

Sarah    How long are you going for this time?

Woman X 10 days. How about you?

Sarah    Ah, I’m staying for a week. I’ve never been to Hawaii before.

Woman X Really?

Sarah    Yeah. Actually, I’ve never been to America before.

Woman X I hope you have a good time.

Sarah    Thanks. I’m sure I will. I’m really excited.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Show 24 Wednesday 26 April

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Kia Ora.
In Stick News today, respect for Ali G from one of the daughters of the president of Kazakhstan.

This is Kazakhstan. It has a population of 15 million, and is the ninth largest country in the world by area. 
This man is not from Kazakhstan. His name is Borat. And according to Wikipedia most people in Kazakhastan have never heard of him. Borat is a character played by this British comedian, who is best known for another character he plays, Ali G.
Borat presented the MTV Europe awards in November last year. He flew in in a plane, flown by a pilot holding a vodka bottle. The Kazakh Foreign Ministry weren’t impressed. They described his portrayal as “utterly unacceptable, being a concoction of bad taste and ill manners which is completely incompatible with ethics and civilized behaviour.”
Authorities then closed down his Kazakhstan website the following month.
But yesterday, it was reported, that one of the Presidents daughters thinks that wasn’t such a good idea. She says, “we should not be afraid of humour and we shouldn’t try to control everything”.

And that was Stick News for Wednesday 26th of April.

conversations with sarah
# 18 When did you lose it?

Sarah loses her glove at a ski resort. She asks the person at the information desk in the lobby by the restaurant.
Step 1: Repeat Mr X’s lines.
Step 2: Read Mr X’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Sarah Excuse me. I was wondering if anyone has handed in a glove.

Mr X A glove?

Sarah Yes. It looks like this.

Mr X When did you lose it?

Sarah Only in the last hour. I think I dropped it in this lobby on the way into the restaurant to have lunch.

Mr X Just a moment, I’ll have a look.

Sarah Thanks.

Mr X Sorry, I didn’t find any gloves like that.

Sarah Oh, really.

Mr X Sorry about that.

Sarah Thanks anyway.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Show 23 Tuesday 25 April

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In Stick News today, the United States is the top spam sending nation on earth. But they’re now close to loosing that number 1 spot – China is catching up.

The word SPAM was born in the 1930s, when an American meat company changed the name of one of its products: Spiced Ham.
In 1970 the Monty Python sketch SPAM was first broadcast. The sketch is about the “Green Midget Café” where SPAM is included in almost every restaurant item, and a group of Vikings sit in the corner singing.
Nowadays the word spam is widely used to mean “unsolicited commercial email” or “junk mail”. Spam is highly annoying. Thanks to efforts find and fine prolific spammers, spam is in decline in the US. But in other nations, it’s still on the rise.
There are 13.2 billion spam messages sent every day. And more than seventy percent of them are from zombie computers.

A computer consultant has warned that computer users worldwide need to use better devices to stop their computers from becoming spam-spewing zombies.
And that was Stick News for Tuesday 25th of April.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah

# 17 Are you OK?
Asking about someone’s health

Sarah is chatting to her neighbour Bob. Bob is worried because Sarah looks tired.
Step 1: Repeat Bob’s lines.
Step 2: Read Bob’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Bob  Are you OK? You look tired.

Sarah Yeah, I’m just feeling a bit run down.

Bob  Too many late nights?

Sarah Yeah, I’m pretty busy at work at the moment.

Bob  Oh, it’s the end of the term isn’t it?

Sarah Yeah. So I have to mark all of the end of term tests.

Bob  Well, good luck.

Sarah Thanks.

Bob  And you should try and get an early night – sleep is important.

Sarah Mmm true. I think I will.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Show 22 Monday 24 April

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Kia Ora, in Stick News today, the Japanese government has issued a warning following the phenomenal success of an internet show which has caused people all over Japan to be unable to tear their eyes away from their video ipods and computer screens.

The Daily English Show was launched just three weeks ago. But already fans from all over the world are logging in daily to watch the show.
This site report shows people are watching in Turkey, Egypt and Argentina.
In Japan, people can be seen all over Tokyo watching the show.
This has raised safety concerns for the Japanese government. They’re worried people might watch the show at inappropriate moments, such as while operating dangerous machinery.
They’ve even issued a pamphlet of safety guidelines.
Inside people are warned not to watch The Daily English Show when: riding a bicycle, driving on the motorway, playing baseball or swimming.

Prime Minister Koizumi is also considering reducing the length of government meetings, so politicians can have more time to watch The Daily English Show.
And that was Stick News for …
Sorry, I’ve got to go.

conversations with sarah

# 16 How hungry are you?
Meeting a friend in the evening.

Sarah meets her friend Tom at the station in Shibuya in the evening. They have planned to meet, but haven’t planned where to go.

Step 1: Repeat Tom’s lines.
Step 2: Read Tom’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Tom Do you have any idea where we should go?

Sarah Not really, how about you?

Tom How hungry are you?

Sarah Um, I’m not that hungry actually, I had a late lunch.

Tom O.K. then, why don’t we just go to an izakaya.

Sarah O.K. Sounds good.

Tom I don’t really go out in Shibuya much, so I don’t know anywhere good to go.

Sarah Yeah, same. But I did go to a good izakaya in Shibuya last year. We could go there.

Tom Do you know how to find it?

Sarah Ummm ... maybe. I could give it a go, I think it’s this way.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Show 21 Sunday 23 April

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Sunday Kitchen 3: How to make a banana smoothie.

To make a banana smoothie you need: A banana.
It’s better to use one that’s going brown, because they’re sweeter.

And you need some soymilk.
This is the kind that I buy and I like it because it doesn’t have any sugar in it or other mysterious ingredients. It just has beans. And it’s organic, and I like the package. And it tastes good.

You need a blender. It has to be a princess blender. No, I’m kidding. But I do like this princess blender.

And you need a glass.

First, peel the banana.

Then, put it in the blender.

Pour some soymilk in the blender.

Put a bit of water in, so it’s not too thick.

Put the lid on the blender.

Turn the blender on.

Turn the blender off.

Take the lid off.

Pour it into a glass.

#20 How To Buy A Drink From A Vending Machine In Japan

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#2 How to buy a drink from a vending machine.

Hi, I’m Sarah and this is The Daily English Show. It’s Saturday the 22nd of April and this is show number 20.
These are kumara. I was talking about them on the show yesterday, when I was talking about New Zealand English. And then I went shopping and decided to buy some. So, I think I might have kumara soup for lunch today. It seems like a kumara kind of day.
So today is the HOW TO show, number two. Last week it was: How to study English. And today: How to buy a drink from a vending machine.
So, there are vending machines everywhere in Japan. Which, by the by, I think is such a waste of energy to have so many. But they can be kind of useful.
Ah, especially in the middle of summer, when it’s really hot, it can be handy to have a vending machine nearby.
So, today’s show could be useful for you. Summer is coming up. And if you happen to be in Japan and you find yourself in the middle of the city or country or, or the top of Mount Fuji and find yourself very thirsty. Then you could be using the information you learn on today’s show.

Step 1: Choose a drink.

Step 2: Take your wallet out of your bag.

Step 3: Take some money out of your wallet.

Step 4: Put the note in the slot.

Step 5: Turn it around and try again.

Step 6: Try again.

Step 7: Maybe this time.

Step 8: Give up on the note and find some coins.

Step 9: Put a coin in the slot.

Step 10: Press the button under the drink you want.

Step 11: Take the drink.

Step 12: Take your change.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Show 19 Friday 21 April

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Kia Ora, in Stick News today, graffiti has been found scrawled on the pillar of a temple in Japan. We bring you this report.

Some Temples in Japan have signs that say “no graffiti” in several languages. But the signs alone are obviously not enough.
It was reported yesterday that graffiti has been found on pillar at Horyuji Temple in Nara.
It’s not all bad news though, one of the perpetrators was spreading a message of love. “I love everybody” was written in Japanese.
Positive messages in graffiti aren’t found only in the national treasures of Nara.
In Tokyo, near the Stick News headquarters, the work of conscientious graffiti artists is on display on a concrete wall, along the river. This artist even altered the work after discovering a spelling mistake.

And the government has announced there will be a 50% increase in the size of the signs at Horyuji Temple.
And they’re also providing funding for an education course titled: ways to profess your love other than writing it on a temple pillar.
And that was Stick News for Friday the 21st of April.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
# 15 I’ve been meaning to send you an email.

Sarah is just walking into a department store and runs into her friend Tom.
Step 1: Repeat Tom’s lines.
Step 2: Read Tom’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Tom Hi Sarah.

Sarah Oh, hello. How are you? I haven’t seen you for ages.

Tom Yeah. I’m good. How are you?

Sarah Not too bad. Hey I’ve been meaning to send you an email.

Tom What about?

Sarah Um, you know Dave’s leaving next month aye ...

Tom Yeah. He’s moving to China right.

Sarah Yeah, yeah. I was thinking of organizing something ... like, maybe ... get together for drinks or something before he goes.

Tom Sounds good. Hey, I’ve gotta go, I’m on my way to work, but let me know when you’ve decided the date and stuff.

Sarah O.K. I’ll do that. See you later.

Tom Bye.


Read about the news here.

Show 18 Thursday 20 April

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Note: On today's show - the sound/picture timing is out at the start - I don't know why this happened. There is also a strange noise in the background. Sorry about this. I will try to sort it out soon.


Kia Ora, in Stick News today, an American man has been fined for interfering with a traffic light.

The man said he had timekeeping issues. He was always running late. So, he turned to an online shopping site for help.
He paid $100 on ebay for a device which changes traffic lights from red to green.
He used the device for two years before police caught him. He said it was useful and help him cut his time driving to work.

The man now faces a fine of $50.
Police have also recommend that his next ebay purchase be an alarm clock.
And that was Stick News for Thursday the 20th of April.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
# 14 Have you got any plans for Golden Week?

Sarah is just walking into a department store and runs into her friend Tom.
Step 1: Repeat Jack’s lines.
Step 2: Read Jack’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Sarah Have you got any plans for Golden Week?

Jack Yeah, I’m going to Osaka for a couple of days.

Sarah Oh, that sounds good. Do you have friends there?

Jack Yeah, a guy I used to work with moved there last year. So I’m going to stay with him.

Sarah Have you been there before?

Jack No, I haven’t actually. Have you?

Sarah Yeah, I’ve been there twice. But both times only briefly.

Jack I’m looking forward to it.

Sarah Have a good time. And um, we should get together for drinks for something when you get back.

Jack Yeah. Sounds good.


1. Golden Week is a holiday week in Japan.
Read more about it here.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Show 17 Wednesday 19 April

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Kia Ora, in Stick News today, two of the suspects in the case of the Ginza jewellery heist have pleaded not guilty in court in Belgrade.

Ginza is one of the poshest shopping districts in Tokyo. Here you can pay thousands of yen for designer clothes and jewellery. Or, you can steal them.
On May the 5th 2004, two men and two women stole 12 pieces of jewellery, including a very pricy necklace. The women pretended to be customers, while the men carried out the theft using pepper spray and hammers.
They escaped on motorcycles, stayed a night in Tokyo, then flew to Paris the next day. Police didn’t catch them before they left. But they now seem to have caught up with them in Europe. The men are now being tried in Belgrade and are claiming they are innocent.

The Belgrade court has decided to try a third suspect separately, because he’s now in Denmark, where he has been getting up to more mischief and has been arrested and detained. And that was Stick News for Wednesday the 19th of April. Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah

# 13 Is it a boy or a girl?
Talking about Hollywood gossip.

Sarah is reading Hollywood gossip on the net and starts talking to her flatmate Matt about it.
Step 1: Repeat Matt’s lines.
Step 2: Read Matt’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Sarah Katie Holmes had a baby.

Matt What? Who’s Katie Holmes?

Sarah Tom Cruise’s girlfriend.

Matt Oh, O.K. That’s nice. Is it a boy or a girl?

Sarah It’s a girl. They called her Suri. Well I don’t know if that’s how you pronounce it…

Matt That’s an unusual name.

Sarah Yeah, it says here it means “princess” in Hebrew. But I thought Sarah was supposed to mean “princess” in Hebrew.

Matt Hmmm. Maybe there are a lot of words for “princess” in Hebrew.


Read about the news for the conversation here.

In Stick News:

1. March 5th is correct – I accidentally said May 5th.
2. Jewellery can be spelt two ways: jewellery or jewelry (the second one is American English).

More about the robbery story here and here.

Show 16 Tuesday 18 April

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Kia Ora, in Stick News today, three crew members for The Weather Channel have been arrested in Tennessee.

The Weather Channel is an American television network that reports about the weather.
Weather reporting is not usually associated with danger and risk. But that image could change after the three arrests last week.
The weather crew were filming on private property. They allegedly ignored the 8 “no trespassing” signs and the six verbal requests to leave.

The local sheriff said he didn’t give them permission to be on the property. And the spokesperson for The Weather Channel didn’t say anything.
And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 18th of April.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
# 12 What’s it about?

Jack and Sarah are university students. Sarah is reading a book during a break. Jack asks Sarah about the book.
Step 1: Repeat Jack’s lines.
Step 2: Read Jack’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Jack What are you reading?

Sarah Ah, Fast Food Nation. Have you read it?

Jack No, I haven’t. What’s it about?

Sarah Um, what’s it about? It’s about, um, it’s about the Fast food industry in America. And it’s about, about the history and ...

Jack Is it good?

Sarah Yeah, yeah, it’s really interesting. I’m just reading the part about slaughterhouses in America. And um, it says it’s like the most dangerous job in the world.

Jack Oh really? Actually I think I have heard of that book. It sounds interesting.

Sarah Yeah, yeah, um, I’ll lend it to you when I’ve finished if you like.

Jack OK, thanks.


More information about the weather channel here.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Show 15 Monday 17 April

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Kia Ora, in Stick News today: be careful what you order at the bar. Getting on the piss in America could cost you thousands.

In the United States of America there is a casino called Foxwoods Resort. Inside the casino, there’s a new bar called the Mezz Ultra Lounge. At this bar, you can buy a martini for $3000. It’s served in a traditional martini glass and comes with a pair of earrings.
But it’s not the first drink to have a ridiculous price tag. At the Blue Bar in New York you can buy a diamond martini for $10,000. Since the cocktail debuted in 2004, only two have sold.
And in 2003, at the Ritz Hotel in London you could by the Robb cocktail for $87,600. No-one took advantage of this fantastic offer.

The Daily English Show has also announced it’s joining the luxury drink market. The D.E.S vodka orange is available for 1 million yen.
It’s served in a martini glass and contains vodka and orange juice and comes with a slice of orange and one ice cube.
And that was Stick News for Friday the 14th of April.

conversations with sarah
# 11 I’m running a bit late.

A group of friends are meeting in Ikebukuro to have dinner together. Tom rings Sarah to tell her he’s going to be a bit late.
Step 1: Repeat Tom’s lines.
Step 2: Read Tom’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Sarah Hey Tom, how’s it going?

Tom  Good. How are you?

Sarah I’m good.

Tom  Hey, we’re supposed to be meeting at 7 tonight, aren’t we?

Sarah Yeah.

Tom  I’m running a bit late. So I don’t think I’ll be able to make it by 7.

Sarah O.K. Ah ... What time can you come?

Tom I can probably get there by half past 7.

Sarah O.K. Um ... Do you know how to get to the restaurant?

Tom Yeah, I’ve been there before.

Sarah O.K. then, well, we’ll just go there and you come when you can.

Tom O.K. Sorry about that.

Sarah No, no. No problem ... I think some of the other people are going to be coming a bit late too, so ... so that’s fine.

Tom O.K. See you then.

Sarah Bye.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Show 14 Sunday 16 April

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Hi, I’m Sarah and this is The Daily English Show. It’s Sunday the 16th of April and this is show number 14.

These sunglasses are genuine 80’s sunglasses. They were found at the back of a wardrobe in a box, recently. Not my wardrobe. I was only a child in the 80’s and not nearly anywhere as stylish enough for fantastic sunglasses such as these. I do realize how hideous they are. But I also think they have a certain charm, so I thought I’d wear them on the show today.

Today is Sunday Kitchen and I’m making orange juice.

So, to make orange juice, you need some oranges, and a chopping board, a knife, a glass, and a juicer.

The first thing you have to do, is cut the oranges. These oranges are quite small, so maybe you need about 3, for enough ... for this glass.

So cut the oranges. Make sure you don’t cut your fingers. Then, when you’ve finished cutting the oranges ... take half an orange, like this, and press it against the juicer. Until ... all of the inside of the orange is ... out ... like this ... and continue with the rest of the oranges.

And that’s all. And then take the ... this green part ... off ... like this. And this is the orange. And pour it into the glass. And it’s finished. Mmmmm ... a delicious glass of orange juice.

And now it’s time to drink the juice. Mmmmm. Mmmm. Fantastic.

There’s nothing like a glass of fresh orange juice. Mmmm. So nice.

And that’s all for The Daily English Show today.
See you tomorrow. Bye!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

#13 How To Study English

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#1 How to Study English

This is the transcript for the introduction:

Hi I’m Sarah. And this is The Daily English Show. It’s Saturday the 15th of April and this is show number 13.

And check this out. This is a microphone. And it has an excellent stand here, so I can put the microphone in the stand and use two hands.

Before I was using this microphone here, and um, I had to press this talk button and hold it so, ahh, I could only use one hand which wasn’t so good. And I kept moving the microphone into the camera which looked kind of silly, as well.

So, loving my new microphone today.

And I’m thinking about doing something about the lights too.

At the moment I’ve just got this one light in my room overhead. So it shines… and I have a shiny forehead and big dark shadows under my eyes.

So, it looks kind of scary. I’m thinking about getting some lights to shine from the sides to cut out the shadows.

But for today, loving my new microphone.

And today is Saturday so we have a different show today instead of the usual line up.

Um, last week there was Sarah’s Diary on Saturday.

And today, the first HOW TO show.
And a question that you’re probably all interested in: How to Study English.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Show 12 Friday 14 April

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Kia Ora, this is Stick News. You may not know it, but today in Japan it’s Orange Day. It’s a day for boyfriends and girlfriends to confirm their love, by exchanging oranges.

Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated in Japan on February 14th. It was introduced to the country by chocolate companies. On the day women are obliged to give small pretty chocolates to male colleagues.
One month later, on March the 14th, comes white day, when men are obliged to give something back to the women who gave them chocolates.
Some people enjoy these celebrations – others are not so keen. But that didn't stop a group of citrus fruit growers from Ehime from inventing another day: Orange day.
Most people in Japan are unaware of the day. And it seems unlikely it will become a hit.

And across the ditch in South Korea today, it’s black day. Singles who lucked out on Valentine’s Day and White Day, will get together to commiserate their singledom by eating noodles covered with black sauce.
And that was Stick News for Friday the 14th of April.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah

# 10 It’s been a long time.
This conversation is from the movie Casablanca.

Ilsa goes into Rick’s Café and talks to Sam. They haven’t seen each other for a long time.
Step 1: Repeat Ilsa’s lines.
Step 2: Read Ilsa’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Ilsa Hello, Sam.

Sam Hello, Miss Ilsa. I never expected to see you again.

Ilsa It’s been a long time.

Sam Yes, ma’am. A lot of water under the bridge.

Ilsa Some of the old songs, Sam.

Sam Yes, ma’am.

Ilsa Where is Rick?

Sam I don’t know. I ain’t seen him all night.

Ilsa When will he be back?

Sam Not tonight no more. He ain’t comin’ ... uh, he went home.


1. The news about Orange Day in Japan
2. Information about Black Day at Wikipedia

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Show 11 Thursday 13 April

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Kia Ora, In Stick News today, Japan’s public broadcaster has fired its chief sports news producer for stealing money.

43-year-old Tetsushi Oshita embezzled more than 17 million yen over a five year period from 2001. He stole the money by claiming expenses for 242 fictitious business trips. Oshita spent most of the money on clothes and entertainment. He was supposed to be working on soccer broadcasts.
His false claims were discovered when somebody checked a questionable soccer trip this month because the schedule seemed overly tight. More trips were then checked and it was found that about 60 percent of those he claimed for, were never taken.

Oshita now has no job and a few of his bosses have less money – they’ve received slaps on the wrists in the form of pay cuts.
And that was Stick News for Thursday 13th April.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah

#9 What is this all about?
This conversation is from the book The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Chapter 1.

A French police agent comes to the hotel room of American symbologist Robert Langdon to question him about a murder.
Step 1: Repeat Robert’s lines.
Step 2: Read Robert’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah (the agent).

Agent  May I come in?

Robert What is this all about?

Agent  My capitaine requires your expertise in a private matter.

Robert Now? It’s after midnight.

Agent  Am I correct that you were scheduled to meet the curator of the Louvre this evening?

Robert Yes. How did you know that?

Agent  We found your name in his daily planner.

Robert I trust nothing is wrong?

Agent  This photo was taken less than an hour ago. Inside the Louvre.

Robert Who would do this?

Agent  We had hoped that you might help us answer that very question.

Note 1: In my book, this conversation is on page 11.
Note 2: About line 5.. in the book it says: “to meet with the curator”. I made a mistake and left out “with” – but both make sense grammatically.

Read today's news here.

Show 10 Wed 12 April

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Kia Ora, In Stick News today, it’s official: Drug companies are inventing diseases.
The idea that pharmaceutical companies promote sickness to make money, is sometimes dismissed as a wacky conspiracy theory. But it’s just been given a stamp of approval by researchers in Australia who have released a report criticizing the industry.

Disease-mongering works like this. Drug companies such as this “Drugs are us” want to make money. So they run campaigns to sell drugs. Scared customers hand over the money and the companies are laughing all the way to the bank.
The only one with sad face, is the consumer. They’re left with no money and a stomach full of useless drugs.

The legal drug industry has denied it invents diseases to make money. And Drugs are Us have released a statement warning consumers to take immediate action against the latest disease – virus B. They say the only way to protect against the disease is to buy this drug, manufactured by Drugs are Us, called anti-B.
And that was Stick News for Wednesday 12th April.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah

#8 What’s your name?

Sarah meets a child called Alice.
Step 1: Repeat Alice’s lines.
Step 2: Read Alice’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah.

Sarah What’s your name?

Alice  Alice.

Sarah How old are you?

Alice  I’m seven.

Sarah Where are you from?

Alice  I’m from Wonderland.

Sarah Where do you live?

Alice  I live in Tokyo.

Sarah Do you like studying English?

Alice  Yes, I do.

Sarah Can you speak Japanese?

Alice Yes, I can.

Sarah Can you speak Russian?

Alice No, I can’t.


Read about today's news here.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Show 9 Tuesday 11 April

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Kia Ora, In Stick News today, one of the world’s most powerful women has spoken out about the dangers of becoming a stick.

This is a stick figure. When it’s just pen and paper it’s harmless but when real life people try to look like this – it can result in serious health problems. It can even cause death.
J.K.Rowling is the author of the phenomenally popular Harry Potter series. She also has two daughters and is worried about the effects stick figure celebrities have on young women.
Rowling says there’s more to life than expensive hand-bags, small dogs, and showing off your ribs.

Rowling has announced she’ll be setting up a charity to provide free potatoes to hungry girls in Hollywood.
And that was Stick News for Tuesday 11th April.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
# 7 Who are you?
This conversation is from the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
Chapter 5: Advice from a Caterpillar

Alice meets a caterpillar.
Step 1: Repeat the caterpillar’s lines.
Step 2: Read the caterpillar’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah (Alice).

Caterpillar Who are you?

Alice     I – I hardly know, Sir, just at present – at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have changed several times since then.

Caterpillar What do you mean by that? Explain yourself!

Alice     I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, Sir, because I’m not myself, you see.

Caterpillar I don’t see.

Alice     I’m afraid I can’t put it more clearly, for I can’t understand it myself, to begin with; and being so many different sizes in a day is very confusing.

Caterpillar It isn’t.

Alice     Well, perhaps you haven’t found it so yet, but when you have to turn into a chrysalis – you will some day, you know – and then after that into a butterfly, I should think you’ll feel it a little queer, won’t you?

Caterpillar Not a bit.

Alice     Well, perhaps your feelings may be different, all I know is, it would feel very queer to me.

Caterpillar You! Who are you?


Read about today's news here.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Show 8 Monday 10 April

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Kia Ora, this is Stick News.
The latest court case against the Da Vinci Code may have been unsuccessful. But the troubles are not over for writer Dan Brown. He’s now facing another legal battle.

This is the Da Vinci Code. The novel has sold millions world wide. Chapter one starts with Robert Langdon awaking slowly. But it’s the second sentence that’s causing the controversy. A telephone was ringing in the darkness – a tinny, unfamiliar ring.

Fifty yen the author of this book “Da Bomb” says he also started his book with a telephone ringing in the darkness. He claims Dan Brown stole his idea.

The court case is due to start next week and is expected to last months.

And that was Stick News for Monday the 3rd of April
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah

#6 We’re out of stock.

Tom rings Sarah’s Excellent Exports to place an order.
Step1: Repeat Tom’s lines.
Step 2: Read Tom’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Sarah Good Morning. Sarah’s Excellent Exports with two capital Es for all your export needs. How may I help you?

Tom Hi this is Tom from ABC giftware.

Sarah Hi Tom. Thanks for calling. What can I do for you today?

Tom We’re interested in placing an additional order on red dogs.

Sarah OK. How many more are planning to purchase?

Tom We’re thinking ... another 20.

Sarah I’m sorry, but we are out of stock. We only have 1 red dog left at this time.

Tom When are you expecting to get more in stock?

Sarah They should be here by the end of next week.

Tom Okay, well, we’d like the 1 red dog that is in stock, and could you ship the rest to us as soon as you receive them?

Sarah Certainly.


Read about today's news here.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Show 7 Sunday 9th April

The latest version of this transcript has been moved here:

Hi, welcome to Sunday Kitchen. Today we’re making a cup of tea.
To make a cup of tea you need:
1 teapot, 1 cup, a teabag and a kettle.
So, first, let’s fill the kettle up with water.
I’m using the water filter so I have to wait until this green light stops flashing.
And that should be about enough water.
Put the kettle on the stove.
And turn on the gas.
And while we’re waiting for the water to boil, let’s open the teabag.
Today we’re having Rosehip with Hibiscus: “a full robust flavour.”
And the water will take a couple of minutes to boil.
So while that’s happening we can sit on the couch, and watch TV.
OK, when the water starts boiling....
turn off the gas.
And pour some water into the teapot.
Now it says on this box: leave to infuse for 5 minutes to bring out the full flavour. So, let’s wait for about 5 minutes.
Put the timer on.
While you’re waiting, you can play a tune on the guitar.
OK, it’s ready to drink!
Let’s bring it over to the table.
MMM smells good.
Hmmm very nice!


1. This was recorded on a small digital camera rather than the regular video camera that I usually use and for some reason the sound went strange when I put it into the editing software.
This could be because I am doing something wrong. Anyway, I just did a voice over - and I'll avoid using that camera again.

2. My voice at the end doesn't match the picture. This is not a voice over. I don't know why this happened.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Show 6 Saturday 8 April

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There are three Bosai-kan in Tokyo. Tachikawa, Honjo and Ikebukuro.
I went to the Honjo Bosai-kan. It’s about a 10 minute walk from Kinshicho station on the Sobu line or the Hanzomon line.
And it’s open from 9 to 5. And admission is free.

This is me standing in front of the building.

At the Honjo Bosai-kan there are lots of elephants. Elephants outside, elephants inside, elephants driving, pictures of elephants ...

And apart from elephants there are lots of activities to educate people what to do in a disaster.
Unfortunately, when we went there the earthquake simulation wasn’t available I think it was closed for maintenance or something. So we couldn’t do that.
But all the other sections were open, and first we went to the 3D theater. And we watched a movie about an earthquake in Tokyo – which I thought was really well done. It gave you a good idea of what it would really be like in an earthquake with broken glass everywhere, roof tiles falling off, that kind of thing.
Then we did Fire Fighting Training. We practiced using fire extinguishers ... but they weren’t real ones. They had water in them and we squirted it a fire on a screen.
Then we did the smoke maze. In a fire you’re supposed to avoid breathing in the smoke because it kills you ... so in the smoke maze you have to crouch down or crawl and escape. They have sensors in the walls and whoever stands up, dies.

Next we looked at some information. They have a disaster library. And have English pamphlets like this one giving robust advice on how to act in an emergency.
Like “don’t let rumours panic you”.

This is the Emergency Report Training section. And this is me practicing how to call 119. This woman is cooking and she forgets about her cooking, goes to answer the door and all hell breaks loose.
I was using a regular camera to take this video so, not a video camera, so the, the sound, there’s something wrong with the sound so I have to mute it or else ah, lots of crazy noises come out.

This is the Training Performance Evaluation section. And this is me doing a quiz and getting pretty excited about it.

And I even got a certificate, which was pretty much the highlight of my day really.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Show 5 Friday 7 April

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These are the notes from today's show:


Kia Ora, In Stick News today, a swan in Scotland has died. We bring you this report.

She was just an ordinary swan.
Until she died, and became world famous. CNN, the BBC, Stick News… all over the world the swan’s death is being reported.
Not only are people mourning the loss of such a special swan. They’re also shocked by the way she died.
The Scottish swan died of the H5N1 virus, known as “the bird flu” the virus that is feared may become a pandemic and kill millions of birds and even humans.

The swan’s family, have been inundated by calls from media. They’ve issued a statement requesting people respect their privacy at this difficult time.
And that was Stick News for Friday the 7th April.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
# 5 Teenage Romance
This conversation is from the movie Back to the Future.

Marty is sitting in his car with his mother (past version). They are waiting for the dance to start.
Step1: Repeat Marty’s lines.
Step 2: Read Marty’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Marty Do you mind if we ... park ... for a while?

Lorraine That’s a great idea. I’d love to park.

Marty Huh?

Lorraine Marty, I’m almost 18 years old. It’s not like I’ve never parked before.

Marty What?

Lorraine Marty, you seem so nervous. Is something wrong?

Marty No! No!    Lorraine, Lorraine, what are you doing?

Lorraine I swiped it from the old lady’s liquor cabinet.

Marty Yeah, well, you shouldn’t drink.

Lorraine Why not?

Marty Because you, you might regret it later in life.

Lorraine Marty, don’t be such a square. Everybody who’s anybody drinks.


Read about today's news here.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Show 4 Thursday 6 April

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Kia Ora, In Stick News today, Eminem is divorcing his wife Kim again, less then 3 months after they remarried.

The Grammy and Oscar winning rapper Eminem, married Kim for the first time in June 1999. The marriage ended in October 2001 in an ugly legal fight that included a custody battle over their daughter.
The couple reconciled in late 2004, and then remarried in January this year.

The filing of divorce papers by Eminem yesterday was confirmed by employees of the Macomb County clerk’s office and reported in gossip columns all over the internet.
And that was Stick News for Thursday 6th April.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
#4 What’s the problem
This conversation is from the movie Love Actually.

Daniel is worried about his son Sam and talks to him to find out what’s wrong.
Step1: Repeat Daniel’s lines.
Step 2: Read Daniel’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Daniel So, what’s the problem, Sammy-o?

Sam You really want to know?

Daniel I really want to know.

Sam Even though you won’t be able to do anything to help?

Daniel Even if that’s the case.

Sam Okay. Well, the truth is – actually – I’m in love.

Daniel Sorry?

Sam I know I should be thinking about Mum all the time, and I am, but the truth is I’m in love and was before she died there’s nothing I can do about it...

Daniel Aren’t you a bit young to be in love?

Sam No.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Show 3 Wednesday 5 April

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Kia Ora.
In Stick News today the prime minister of Japan has been socializing with the countries only Torino Olympic gold medal winner Shizuka Arakawa.

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has been divorced since 1982.
Arakawa won the gold medal in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, skating to Puccini's "Violin Fantasy of Turandot."
On Monday night Arakawa and Koizumi attended a performance of Puccini’s opera Turandot.

Representatives of Prime Minister Koizumi have denied the two are romantically involved.
And that was Stick News for Wednesday 5th April. Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
#3  Nice to meet you

Sarah and Taka have just been introduced
Step1: Repeat Taka’s lines.
Step 2: Read Taka’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah.

Taka Nice to meet you Sarah.

Sarah Nice to meet you too.

Taka So where are you from?

Sarah New Zealand.

Taka New Zealand? I’ve been there.

Sarah Really?

Taka Yeah, twice actually. Whereabouts in New Zealand are you from?

Sarah I’m from the Coromandel – it’s near Auckland. Have you been there?

Taka No, I haven't. I hear it’s a beautiful place though. Do you go back often?

Sarah Not really. It’s such a long flight.


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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Show 2 Tuesday 4 April

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Hi I’m Sarah and this The Daily English Show. Welcome to show number 2.
On Stick News today, news about the bananas, or lack of, in Australia.
Today’s conversation on Conversations with Sarah is talking about work.
The question for questionanswer is: What’re these
and the topic is: fruit
First up is stick news.


Kia Ora, this is Stick News. In Australia, banana lovers throughout the country are mourning the loss of 200 thousand tonnes of bananas.
Australians now face a banana shortage after Cyclone Larry tore through the heart of the nation’s biggest growing region and decimated the banana crop.

The powerful cyclone had winds of up to 300 kilometers an hour. After just one hour 80 per cent of the total Australian crop was on the ground.
The industry is now devastated. $300 million dollars of fruit have been destroyed. And up to 4000 people have lost their jobs.

Larry will appear in court this week facing thousands charges of willful damage.
And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 4th of April. Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah

#2 Where do you work?

Sarah and Kenji are talking about work
Step1: Repeat Kenji’s lines
Step 2: Read Kenji’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah.

Sarah So, where do you work Kenji?

Kenji I work for a record company.

Sarah Oh, really? What do you do there?

Kenji Marketing.

Sarah That sounds interesting.

Kenji Yeah... it is I guess. It has its ups and downs, but mostly I enjoy it. How about you – what do you do?

Sarah I am an English teacher. And I also make resources for studying English.

Kenji What kind of resources?

Sarah I do an internet video show called The Daily English Show.

Kenji Really? Tell me the address, I’d love to watch it.


Read today's news here.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Show 1 Monday 3 April

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Hi this is The Daily English Show. Welcome to the show.
My name is Sarah. I’m from Aotearoa. I live in Tokyo and I’m an English teacher. I’ve been living in Japan for almost 5 years. I decided to make this video internet show for people who are studying English in Japan and anywhere in the world. You can watch this show on your computer or downloaded it to your video ipod. Either way I hope you enjoy the show. If you have any comments or suggestions please send me an email
On today’s show there will be Stick News, conversations with sarah, and questionanswer. Today’s conversation is: ordering at a café.
And the question for questionanswer is: What’s this and the topic is: kitchen.
First up is stick news.


Kia ora.
In Stick News today a lizard smuggler is facing jail time.
In Australia a man faces up to 10 years in jail after allegedly trying to smuggle six lizards out of the country.

The 22 year old Japanese man had the lizards hidden inside his hand luggage.
He was arrested as he tried to leave Perth International Airport on a flight to Singapore last Sunday night.

The man appeared in court in Perth on Tuesday charged with six counts of lizard smuggling.
And that was Stick News for Monday the 4th of April. (opps! I meant 3rd.)
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah

#1 I’ll have an espresso please.

A customer is standing at the counter of a café and ordering a coffee.
Step 1: Repeat the customer’s lines
Step 2: Read the customer’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Sarah     Hi, what can I do for you?

Customer   I’ll have an espresso please.

Sarah     Sure. Would you like anything to eat?

Customer   Do you have any chocolate cake today?

Sarah     No, sorry, we’ve sold out of chocolate cake. But we still have carrot cake and banana cake.

Customer   OK then, I’ll have a piece of banana cake please.

Sarah     That’s six fifty.

Customer  Here you go.

Sarah     Take a seat and I’ll bring it over to you.

Customer   Thanks.