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Show 634 Wednesday 6 February

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Where are you from?

1. From New Zealand. Ah, North Canterbury.
2. 出身は倶知安です。 (I'm from Kutchan.)
3. New Zealand. Ah, Auckland now.
4. Ah, I’m from Melbourne in Australia.
5. Ah, Melbourne.
6. Perth, Australia.
7. Montana.
8. I’m from Perth in Australia.
9. I’m from Australia. Ah, Canberra.
10. Ah, I’m from Canberra, in Australia.
11. Western Australia.
12. From Australia. Sydney.
13. Ah, Australia. Sydney.
14. I’m from Townsville, in Queensland, Australia.

What do you think of Niseko?

1. I’m very impressed. Particularly the, ah, the powder snow. It’s pretty neat, from my experience. Um, the amount of snow it gets and the opportunity to even ... when the main runs are perhaps a bit warn, you can still thread your way through the trees and find some powder there that’s pretty virgin. And even in the afternoon. So for an intermediate kind of grade skier, it’s pretty good fun, I think.
2. Ah, it’s pretty awesome. Pretty awesome snow. Powder snow.
3. It’s a lot better than, ah, other places that I’ve been so ... like, ah, New Zealand.
4. It’s alright. Nah, it’s real good.
5. Oh, it’s fantastic. It’s wonderful snow, wonderful people, wonderful food. It’s great, yeah, really enjoyed it.
6. Oh, I love it. It’s great.
7. Great.
8. Oh, it’s fantastic. This is my fourth time here. So, absolutely love it. It’s great snow. Great atmosphere. Great culture. It’s really good.
9. It’s great. I’ve never been skiing before. It’s excellent. The powder is wonderful.

How long are you here for?

1. Ah, I’ve been here nearly three years now.
2. Ah, this time a week. Sort of come every other year.
3. Ah, we came ten days ago and this is our last day.
4. Ah, for eleven days.
5. Ah, I got here end of November and I’ll be here till the end of March.
6. Two weeks.
7. Ah, tomorrow’s my last day, but I’ve been here for five days.
8. Ah, two weeks here, yeah, and then I go to Furano after that.
9. Um, I’ve been here since the first of December and I’m staying till the end of February.
10. Nine days.
11. Ah, just a week.
12. Ah, a month.
13. Um for seven days.

What do you do?

1. Ah, I do IT.
2. 仕事は駐車場の管理です。(I manage the carpark.)
2. I’m working at NISS ski school. Just working the tickets there.
4. Just working over here as a ski instructor. Um, with NISS, Niseko International Snowsports School.

Do you enjoy your job?

Love it. It’s great fun. Days like this especially, it’s so good to be over here.

Do you ski or snowboard?

スキーやってます。(I ski.)

Is it your first time here?

1. First time in Niseko, yes.
2. Yip, first time.

How many times have you been to Niseko?

1. Third time.
2. It’s actually my third time.

How did you find out about Niseko?

1. By accident.
2. Ah, just videos on the net and that sort of thing.
3. It’s a long story, involves love, adventure, misfortune and a brain surgery ... but mainly off the internet.
4. Um, through friends. Actually there’s a whole group of friends from Perth who are also in Niseko at the moment.
5. Oh, mainly friends actually.
6. We had some friends come over here before and we came with them last year, so we came back with them again this year.
7. Um, one of my friends comes here a lot.
8. Um, friends, friends that go skiing a lot heard about it.

How have the conditions been recently?

Um, it’s been pretty good actually this year. Ah, yesterday was a bit warm, but otherwise it’s pretty awesome.

Where do you normally go at home?

1. Whakapapa and Turoa.
2. Ah, usually Perisher. Round there.

What’s been the highlight of your trip?

1. It’s all been good. Beer in the vending machine’s definitely a highlight.
2. Just, ah, well this is my first season teaching actually. Um, so I’m really enjoying that. It’s fantastic to get out there. But, just in general, just the quality of skiing here, the powder, best, best I’ve ever skied for sure.
3. Ah, probably the powder today and the nightlife and everything is fantastic here too. And the food.
4. Um, we went up, I don’t know, somewhere up there and we got to ski through some trees. And the powder was up to my knees, it was excellent.

Do you think you’ll be back?

1. Oh, if I save enough money yeah, yeah, yeah. I think one of the issues, I suppose, is that it’s not all that easy to get here from Melbourne. We came via Cairns, and then via Narita and then Sapporo and then a plane to here. So it’s fairly securtious.
2. Ah, possibly. I’m not quite sure. We’ll see how it goes.
3. Oh yeah.
4. Oh, definitely.
5. Ah, absolutely, yeah. No, I love it, it’s great. It’s got the best snow and a fantastic lift system.
6. I’d love to if visa ... the visa things allow it.
7. Oh I reckon we’re going to give it a good go, yes.
8. Hopefully I’ll be back for, for a bit longer next year.
9. Yeah, oh, if I have enough money.
10. Oh, I don’t know about next year, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be back some time, yeah.


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