Saturday, January 24, 2009

#947 Ken Miyamoto Exhibition, Niseko, Japan

Show 947 Saturday 24 January
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Ken Miyamoto has been painting since he was a child.
He’s now a full time artist.
He moved from Tokyo to Niseko 16 years ago.
He usually sells his work in Honshu.
Now, for the first time, an exhibition of his work is being held in Niseko.
The paintings went on display in the Green Leaf Hotel earlier this month.
The exhibition is open to the public from the 6th of February to the end of February.
The Daily English Show went to the exhibition to have a look. I was really happy to be able to finally see the paintings. I’ve been a fan of Ken’s work for a while but this was the first time I’d seen any actual paintings.
We also talked to the director of the hotel who organized the exhibition as well as the artist himself.

Do you often have exhibitions here?

This is the very first exhibition that we’ve had since I’ve come to the hotel and it definitely won’t be our last exhibition. But we’ll be very hard-pressed to find somebody like Ken and work like Ken’s to actually display. His work is magnificent.

What kind of feedback have you had so far?

The feedback from customers and guests is really amazing. Um, people come through, they look at the work … and you can see them actually walking into it. They’re actually … their minds are moved into the work. Big smiles. I haven’t seem anybody come away from, from looking at a piece of work without a huge smile on their face. And there’s normally comments about where it was painted or how it was done or … And that it’s got a Japanese style but it’s also very modern. Um, incredible. It’s moving a lot of people.


hard-pressed adj.
hard-pressed to do sth = finding sth very difficult to do


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