Saturday, July 08, 2006

Show 97 Saturday 8 July

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Sarah’s Dairy
#8 Golden Week part 4

During Golden Week my friends from Aichi came to Tokyo.
On the second day they were here we went to Kamakura.
And visited a temple called Hase dera.
We walked around the beautiful gardens.
We talked to a cat.
Had a bit of a dance.
Took some photos.
Pushed this for good luck.
We saw some takenoko.
And had a great view of Kamakura beach.
There were lots of jizou.
We poured water on this jizou.
We walked around a cave.
Then we went home.

Music today by David Aubrun, from Orleans, France.
From the album My Revolution.
You can listen to the album here at Jamendo.
This is David Aubrun's site.