Thursday, June 08, 2006

Show 67 Thursday 8 June

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Kia Ora. This is Stick News. In the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the start of winter. In New Zealand, frosts are hitting earlier and harder than usual. And kiwifruit growers are racing against time to pick the fruit before it’s damaged.

This fruit originally comes from China. It has many Chinese names and in English it was originally called a Chinese gooseberry. Thanks to a marketing campaign in 1959 by a New Zealand exporter – the fruit is now called a kiwifruit.
It’s named after this bird, the kiwi.
New Zealand is now the second largest producer of kiwifruit in the world. Second only to Italy.
It is now the start of winter in New Zealand and kiwifruit growers are picking as fast as they can before the frosts damage the fruit.
Orchardists are also using helicopters, fans and sprinklers to protect the fruit.

The kiwifruit picking season is scheduled to end in mid to late June.
A manager from one of the kiwifruit giants said the frosts were a worry – but they didn’t want to panic. He said the situation wouldn’t affect the timing of shipping kiwifruit for export.
And that was Stick News for Thursday 8th of June.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
# 44 Why is it called Murphy’s Law?

Sarah and Yuko have planned to meet at a café. Yuko is late.
Step 1: Repeat Yuko’s lines.
Step 2: Read Yuko’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah.

Yuko  I’m so sorry I’m late!

Sarah That’ s OK.

Yuko  I tried to call you but ...

Sarah Oh, sorry. I was going to call you too – but I forgot to bring my phone!

Yuko  Oh, OK.

Sarah Sorry! Ahh, Murphy’s Law!

Yuko  Murphy’s Law? What’s that?

Sarah Um, it’s kind of hard to explain ... But in this case, like, I almost always bring my phone - and I hardly ever need to use it. But today, the one day I forget to bring my phone is the day that you need to call me.

Yuko  Oh, OK. Why is it called Murphy’s Law?

Sarah Um, I don’t know actually. Good question. It’s also called Sod’s law.


Some examples of Murphy's Law are:

The day you forget your umbrella, it pours with rain.
Transport will always be late, unless you are late yourself, in which case it will be on time.

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