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#904 MIB, Secretary Of State, Corpse Vs Corps, Niseko Snow Report

Show 904 Tuesday 2 December
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.
Welcome to the first show in our new studio … I guess it doesn’t look any different to you because the background is still the same. It might sound a bit different because we’re on the fourth floor and not right next to a road. Anyway, it looks different to me … and it’s really clean and comfortable and I’m happy to be here.

In the conversation today we’re doing a scene from the movie Men in Black. This is a funny scene and I think it’s a good one to study because it is an interesting situation where one person’s trying to communicate something without saying it explicitly and the other person doesn’t get it.
This scene is in a morgue – which is a place where they keep dead bodies in fridges – and the woman who works there is standing next to a kind of tray table thing and underneath is an alien and the alien is holding on to her leg and pointing a gun at her. And then agent Jay comes in and he says he’s a police officer, looking for a cat. And she says: Well, I don't know where the cat is right now … but maybe you could take me with you instead.

She’s saying this because she wants to get away from the alien but she doesn’t want to say there’s an alien down there. But Jay just thinks that she’s coming on to him. And he says: Damn you do start fast, don't you?

And so she tries to make him understand with gestures and facial expressions, like this: There's something I need to show you.

But he still doesn’t get it and he says: Slow down girl, you ain't got to hit the gas like that.

Also on today’s show, it’s the start of the Niseko Snow Report … funnily enough it actually rained today, but anyway, rain or snow, for the next four months the snow report is going to be four days week, from Tuesday to Friday.
If you’ve been watching The Daily English Show for a while, you’ll be familiar with The Snow Report from last winter. It doesn’t always have that much to do with snow – or with weather, for that matter.
This year, every Tuesday, the snow report will be coming from Niseko Yurt Village. And today we did an interview in the rain, standing in the snow under the back door of a van actually, with Alex, who is the manager of Niseko Yurt Village. Actually, he’s not the manager, I have his official title written down here: Lord and Master of all things Yurt.


Kia Ora, in Stick News today, Barack Obama has chosen Hilary Clinton to be Secretary of State.

Secretary of State is one of the highest-ranking positions in the United States government. The current Secretary of State is Condoleezza Rice. Yesterday Obama announced the next Secretary will be Hilary Clinton.

And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 2nd of December.
Kia Ora.

TDES Niseko Snow Report

You’ve worked in hospitality before, haven’t you?
Yes, I have. Um, probably about seven or eight years experience in hospitality.

Where did you work?
My family had a restaurant when I was growing up, so I would have started when I was about 14 there. Um, that was in Omeo, just at the base of Mt Hothem in Victoria. And, um, from there I moved to Melbourne and worked in the Casino as a croupier. Then I was mostly in Melbourne working in bars and cafes and then I moved down the coast to Opolo Bay where I managed a bar for a year.

What do you enjoy about working in hospitality?
If you know that someone’s had a good time, if they’ve had good service and everything like that, then you feel good and it’s a, it’s a good day’s work, you know, you get home at the end of the day and you can smile about a job well done kind of thing.

When is the Niseko Yurt Village going to open?
We’re looking at December 12th, fingers crossed, everything goes well, December 12th.

How’s the setting up going?
Quite well. We’ve, um, got most of our furniture, most of our glasses have come in. I’m just about to put my first alcohol order in, so it’s all coming along.

Have you been doing much snowboarding or skiing?
Yes, as much as I can without taking away too much from my work. So, basically I’ve been up twice.

Word of the Day

Today’s word is corpse.
A corpse is a dead body.
This word also looks like it’s pronounced corpse but it’s not, it’s corps. And it doesn’t mean dead body, it’s a part of an army or a unit of people doing a particular activity, like press corps.

conversations with sarah
#562 I'd really like to go with you

* On the DVD I have, this scene is chapter 23: 1:11:00

Step 1: Repeat Jay’s lines.
Step 2: Read Jay’s lines and talk to Laurel.

Jay How are you doing?

Laurel Hello.

Jay I'm Sergeant Friday from the 26th Precinct. A cat came in with a corpse the other day. Ah, Orion on the name tag.

Laurel Yes, that's right.

Jay Right. Well, this cat is, ah, a witness, in a murder case. I'm going to need to take him with me, ask him a few questions.

Laurel Well, I don't know where the cat is right now.

Jay Oh, you don't?

Laurel No, but maybe you could take me with you instead.

Jay Damn you do start fast, don't you?

Laurel I'd really like to go with you. Now.

Jay Uh-huh. And exactly why is that?

Laurel There's something I need to show you.

Jay Slow down girl, you ain't got to hit the gas like that.

Laurel No, you don't understand. You really need to see this.

Jay Oh, I will, I will. Oh, ah, one thing, I got to drive. You know it's not some macho trip I’m on, I'm saying, that’s just the way I get down.

Laurel Look stud, you're really not getting this. There's something I need you to help me with.

hit the gas is an idiom which means "go faster" (as in: accelerate in a car)
Slow down girl, you ain't got to hit the gas like that, means: Slow down, you don't have to go so fast. In other words: You shouldn’t be so sexually suggestive so early into our relationship - there's plenty of time and we've only just met.

I will, I will means “I will see your private parts" - that’s what he thinks she means by “you really need to see this”.

... it's not some macho trip I'm on means: I’m not being sexist, I just prefer to drive on dates.
Be on a (particular) trip
is an idiom which means to be dwelling on a particular topic.

stud (informal) a man who has many sexual partners and who is thought to be sexually attractive
* She's being sarcastic.


today's news
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* Thanks to
andré for telling me it was this word, "croupier", that Alex used. I'd never heard of that word before.