Saturday, December 09, 2006

#220 How To Make The Daily English Show

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To make The Daily English Show you need:

a computer
editing software
internet access
a camera

Ideas pop into my head anytime, anywhere.

I think the best storage place for ideas is my head since you never know when your computer is going to crash or the piece of paper is going to get lost amongst all the other pieces of paper.

Once I have the ideas for a show, I do the research and writing.

The time this takes depends on how smoothly the ideas transfer from my head to the computer.

Time is also invariably spent getting sidetracked.

I start out checking a fact on the internet then suddenly I find myself doing something like editing Wikipedia and I’m like ... mmm how did that happen. Mysterious.

I draw the pictures for Stick News with a black marker pen, crayons and A4 paper. I usually spent a few seconds drawing rough sketches first.
I often stop to check stuff on the net ... like what Gwyneth Paltrow was wearing when she won the Oscar.

I take photos of the drawings and then move the pictures from the camera to the computer with this little white square thing.

Then I record the show.

I clip notes under the camera and sometimes look at the notes – when I look at the camera I just try and remember what was on the notes ... but it always comes out a bit different – so then afterwards I changed the script before I copy it to the blog.

The information from the camera goes directly to the computer via this cord.

I use Adobe Premiere Elements to edit. I’m probably pronouncing Adobe wrong ... I really only started to use computers since I came to Japan so I can’t remember ever hearing it being said in English.

I record the news voice with sound recorder and adjust the volume using Dijion.

I use music from jamendo. I usually search for music with the instrumental tag because it’s for background music.
I drag this button into itunes and it automatically starts downloading. Then I drag a song into here. Easy.

When I’ve finished editing it I watch it for mistakes. Then render it.
And uploaded it to sites like YouTube, grouper, clip life, watchme tv, ebi tv, Ask jp.

Thank you for watching The Daily English Show.
Please use The Daily English Show videos and scripts at home or at school for the purposes of education or entertainment.

I will be happy if you watch the show and get ideas and inspiration for your own language show.

But if you copy ideas from The Daily English Show without giving me credit and then make lots of money ... my lawyers will be after you in a second.

OK, so I don’t have any lawyers ... but just don’t do it anyway ...

coz I sed

: )