Sunday, November 26, 2006

#207 Day 26: Kutchan - Another Bar Crawl

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The Road to Hokkaido Tour 2006
Day 26: Kutchan

Last night we went on our second bar crawl to see how pumping Kutchan would be on a Saturday night. In Japanese bar crawl is hashigo. Hashigo also means ladder.

First we went to an izakaya called Samurai. We were the only customers. I liked their noren … but I didn’t think Beatles music really fitted the style of the place.

Then I saw a sign saying foreign drink ... which I thought was pretty funny so we went in there. The owner was a nice guy – turns out he’s a friend of our landlords. The bar has been open for more than thirty years. I think the place would be improved a lot if the bar stools were re-covered and the drinks were a bit cheaper.

Next we went to Exceed. Two guys were walking in just as we were and we ended up sitting with them. They were firefighters. Cool. One of them looked like Atsushi from London Boots. Atsushi is one of the first Japanese celebrities I fell for ...

The last bar was the most lively of all the bars we went to.
It was called Nozomi two and seemed to have hostesses and hosts. Interesting.

Today I did some more setting up. Thanks to this heater this room is now warm. And we even have a kotatsu ... thanks to the landlord’s daughter who lent it to us. A kotatsu is a kind of small table with a heater underneath. Comfy.