Wednesday, March 10, 2010

#1192 Nature Vs Scenery, NZ On Screen, Oh Canada, Over My Head, Bfm Summer Series

Show 1192 Wednesday 10 March
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today’s mistake comes from a diary entry I read on lang-8.

Someone wrote: There are lots of natures in NZ and I really love it.

If I corrected this sentence, I’d change it to something like this: There’s a lot of beautiful scenery in New Zealand and I really love it.

I’ve often heard people using the word nature incorrectly. If you’re describing the natural beauty of a place, I’d use a word like scenery or landscape.

For example, instead of saying: The nature in Hawaii is beautiful.
I would say: The scenery in Hawaii is beautiful.

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The site I recommend today is called NZ On Screen.

This is a good site for people who are interested in TV and movies from New Zealand. They have things like old TV shows and short films and movie trailers.

And they have a section called ScreenTalk, which is interviews with people in the TV and film industry in New Zealand.

And the cool thing about these interviews is, they’re all licensed with a creative commons licence which allows you to remix them. So if you’re looking for some video material to play around with, then you might be interested in checking out these videos.


The third line in the current English version of Canada’s national anthem goes like this:
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
Recently, the government announced they were thinking about changing that line to make it gender-neutral.
However, many people complained so a few days later, they changed their mind.

And that was Stick News for Wednesday 10 of March.
Kia ora.

How are you going to fix the economy?!
Well, ah, speaking of the economy... We're thinking about improving the national anthem.

Women belong in the kitchen, not the national anthem!

Word of the Day

Today we’re studying the idiom over sb’s head.

I’m going to show you a clip from an interview off the site that I told you about: NZ On Screen.

This is an interview with a guy called Jason Gunn. He used to be a presenter on a kid’s TV show and he’s talking about the humour on that show and he says that some of it was: over the head of the kids.

Over sb’s head means: too difficult or complicated for sb to understand.

And there’s a gesture that goes with this interview (* I meant to say idiom), like this. And you can see that Jason does it in the clip.

conversations with sarah
#758 How was the event on Sunday?

Step 1: Read Tommy’s lines.
Step 2: Repeat Tommy’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Tommy How was the event on Sunday?

Sarah It was good. I still can’t get used to the fashion though.

Tommy Has it changed that much?

Sarah Yeah. Well, it’s been almost 9 years, so I guess it’s not surprising.

Tommy So, what’s everyone wearing?

Sarah It’s really, like, 80’s or early 90’s fashion. Sometimes I feel I’ve been taken back to the 80s in a time machine – or that I’m at an 80’s costume party.


Jason Gunn Videos:

More Jason Gunn videos here.



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