Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Show 286 Tuesday 13 February

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

There’s a video I recommend on YouTube called:
Children's ESL Video to Teach Prepositions of location

I think it’s great. It’s a simple but catchy tune to teach these prepositions:
in on under over in front behind

It’s made by David who is a teacher from Canada, I think, who now works in Osaka, Japan.
He’s also published a few books.
This is his site.

The news and conversation today are about a skydiving accident. A guy was parachuting in New Zealand and his parachute didn’t open – but he survived. It happened a couple of months ago, but since yesterday you can see the video on the internet.
They must have sold the video to an English newspaper.
It’s an amazing video, so check it out.

The guy that fell is English and the guy rescuing him is a Kiwi. So you can hear some real New Zealand English too.
From a language perspective, I think it’s really interesting to study what people actually say in situations like this.
I wrote a transcript of the video too – you can see that on the blog.


Kia ora this is Stick News. A British skydiver thought he was going to die when his parachute didn’t open in New Zealand last year. But
thanks to some blackberry bushes, he survived.
Now you can see the video of his fall on the internet.

Michael Holmes is a 25-year-old parachute instructor from England.
He now lives and works in Taupo, New Zealand.
He has jumped out of planes more than 7000 times.
Last year, on December the 12th, Mickey’s parachute didn’t open.
When his reserve parachute also didn’t open, he thought he was going to die.
He was videoing the jump so he tried to think of something to say for the camera – but all he could come up with was:
"Oh shit, I'm dead...Bye!!!!"
Luckily, he landed in some blackberry bushes and survived. He suffered a broken ankle and a punctured lung.
From yesterday, the video of his fall and rescue was available to be seen on the internet.

Michael plans to continue skydiving for a living. He hopes to start again in April.
That was Stick News for Tuesday the 13th of February.
Kia Ora.

the snow report

It snowed yesterday, but there was no fresh snow today.

conversations with sarah
#173 You got any pain anywhere?

Step 1: Repeat Michael’s lines.
Step 2: Read Michael’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Jonathan You got any pain anywhere?

Michael Left leg.

Jonathan Left leg?

Michael My Left lower leg.

Jonathan Right here?

Michael Yeah, just the lower leg. It’s not actually ..

Jonathan Oh yeah.

Michael It’s not actually that bad. Who was I … ?

Jonathan Huh?

Michael Who was I filming?

Jonathan Who were you filming? You were filming a tandem, bro.

Michael Oh.

Jonathan Alright, just watch your eyes there a bit of blackberry around.

Michael I thought that was a dream.

Jonathan Alright. How’s that arm?

Michael Yeah, it’s good.

Transcript for skydiving video:

Michael’s video

Speak to me, bro.
Don’t move, man. Take it easy.
Talk to me, man.
How’s it.
You OK?
You hurt, anywhere?
Where are we?
Get me out.
No, no don’t move, man. Don’t move.
Just stay there.
Breathe, breathe.
Just stay still bro. Help’s on its way, alright.
What happened?
Lot’s happened. You landed in a good place.

Jonathan’s video

You OK?
You OK, bro?
Don’t move, man. Take it easy.
You breathing man?
Talk to me, bro. Talk to me, man.
How’s it?
You OK.
Stay still, man.
Where are we?

We’re by the beach.
Under a main or a reserve?
You got any pain anywhere?
Left leg.
Left leg?
My Left lower leg.
Right here?
Yeah, just the lower leg. It’s not actually ..
Oh yeah.
It’s not actually that bad.
Who was I ... ?
Who was I filming?
Who were you filming? You were filming a tandem, bro.
Alright, just watch your eyes there a bit of blackberry around.
I thought that was a dream.
Alright. How’s that arm?
Yeah, it’s good. I’m mean it’s just a little ... bit of a ? feeling.
Did I ... ?

Are you numb anywhere?
Can you feel that?
Yeah, I can feel that. My other leg hurts a lot.
But not there sort of like down the bottom.
OK, I’m just giving you a feel ...
What’s that?
Yip, thank you. Ambulance too please.
Hey, did you see what happened?
What was it?
Looks like you were tangled up in your, ah, detachable. Can you feel that?
Stay still, please.
My detachable? No detachable...
No more canopy.
That’s your reserve bridals bro, to rap up in your slider.
I know I’m dead.
Yeah, but you’re alive, mate.
Did I hit pretty hard or not?
Yep, you hit it hard.
You alright?
But your hand there bro.
The shock’s sort of gone away.
I’m just trying to..
Just stay ... just concentrate on staying still, bro.
I think it’s just my left. My left foot, but I don’t think it’s too bad.
No, it’s alright.
Hey Mikey. Gosh if you wanted to stand down you should have just said, mate.
Yeah, dude, I’m tired.
How’re you going buddy?
What I want you to do…
I think it’s maybe just a twisted ankle or a ...
Yeah, but ... we’re going to put a ... um... The paramedics are probably going to come.
And we want you to keep your spine exactly where it is.
The spine’s pretty sweet.
Yeah, I know, it might be sweet, but you never know.
Yeah, we’ve got to be cautious here mate.
Yeah, OK, I understand.
Oh shit.
How you going?
How you going mate?
Still recording.
Oh, yeah.