Friday, November 09, 2007

Show 554 Thursday 8 November

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Back to Japan 2007
Day 13: Hirafu

We drove up to Hirafu to check out the mountain and the village.

This is the ski field – it looks really different with no snow.

The place doesn’t look that much different than last year except there are a few new buildings here and there. Some buildings are still being built or renovated.

We saw a car driving on the mountain so we decided to go for a bit of drive ourselves.

This is a jump. It looks so different with no snow.

This is the place we stayed when we arrived last year.

And this is the place they were building opposite the place where we stayed. It’s all finished now, obviously.

We went to this bar a couple of times last year. This notice says they’re going to open on the 20th of December.