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Show 537 Monday 22 October

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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today’s guest is Jeremy. He’s a fourth year business student at Acadia. And he’s also the president of ACE Acadia.
ACE stands for Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (ACE).
And as part of ACE Acadia Jeremy has been producing video during the strike which is going on at Acadia at the moment. I asked him why he decided to make the videos and post them on YouTube.

Ah, well, part of the, ah, ACE project or ACE mandate, one of the criteria is, ah ... well there’s an ethical component to it. And my faculty advisor, ah, for ACE, she had this brainwave, ah, the weekend before the strike happened, she said why don’t you go around interviewing people and just getting their take on things. And ah, the second question could maybe be an ethical one. So with her help we, we established the three questions. And every day of the strike have gone around talking to people ... um, what they think of the strike, if they think it was ethical for the faculty to have gone on strike, and if they have any other messages to tell people about the strike.
It’s, it’s our current event right now, it’s, it’s ah, what Acadia and Wolfville is going through at this ... immediate time. And ah, It’s been an absolute pleasure, ah, talking to people, and hearing what they have to say. And these skills with video editing and YouTube it’s all been knew to me also, so ah, it’s fun to learn.


Kia Ora, in Stick News today, Dumbledore is gay. On Friday night the author of the Harry Potter series announced that one of the main characters in the series plays for the other team.

Dumbledore is the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
On the 19th of October J.K. Rowling was speaking in New York City. A fan asked her whether Dumbledore finds “true love”. She answered, “Dumbledore is gay.”
She said that he had fallen in love with another character, who did not return his affections. And that love, was his great tragedy.
The audience at the time first gasped, then clapped.
Since Friday, Potter fans around the world have discussed the news. CNN reported some were dismayed, others indifferent, and most were supportive.
One fan said Rowling calling a character gay would make wonderful strides in tolerance toward homosexuality.
"By dubbing someone so respected, so talented and so kind, as someone who just happens to be also homosexual, she's reinforcing the idea that a person's gayness is not something of which they should be ashamed."

And that was Stick News for Monday the 22nd of October.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
#332 Why are you studying business?

Step 1: Repeat Sarah’s lines.
Step 2: Read Sarah’s lines and talk to Jeremy.

Sarah Why are you studying business?

Jeremy For myself, I think business makes sense. Ah, I’ve always been a little bit entrepreneurial in my thinking. Sort of, what can I do, ah, to create my own type of employment. I don’t do that all the time but I think the skills I’m learning in business is going to ultimately assist whatever game plan I, or life plan I, I choose to go down. Ah, I didn’t want to go to university right after high school, so I didn’t. Um, so I’m sort of more of a mature student right now, well for age at least. And, ah, yeah, when I looked at what do I want to take, I figured business was the practical way of, the practical thing to do, I guess you could say.

Sarah And you’re in your fourth year?

Jeremy Fourth year here at ah ... of Acadia studies, but this is actually only my second year on campus. There’s a college down the road in Kentville and I went there, got a financial services diploma, and I was able to transfer here into third year, last year. So, ah, I’m in fourth year at Acadia, but it’s only my second year here.

Sarah What do you want to do after you graduate?

Jeremy That’s always the question people ask students. And, ah, ideally I’ll stay here in Wolfville. I’m from the West Coast, a suburb of Vancouver. And I moved out here about five years ago. And, I love it out here, I think Wolfville’s a great little community. And in one of my classes right now actually, at Acadia, I’m developing a business plan. Um, I’ll be doing that all year. And if things work well and if the plan, you know, ah, is well thought out, then I’m going to try to establish this project this summer. And, so that will give me a short term plan for, you know, immediately after school, during the summer. And then we’ll see if it can go from there.
I’m sure there’s ways I can stay in Wolfville, and be involved, and have it financially make sense also.

Sarah Can you tell us about it or is it a secret?

Jeremy Well no, it’s not secret. I mean I don’t like to talk about it too much because, you know, it puts up expectation. But, um, at the same time I’m kind of excited about the possibility of starting a town walking tour, idea. Wolfville is such a picturesque, community, tourist type of town. And although the tourism numbers have been going down in, in recent years,
I still think there would be a market out there for people willing to know more about the town when they come to visit. And so if I can provide a guided walking tour of the, ah, cultural, historical ah business aspects of the town. Then I think people will pay for that service. And it would be very enjoyable for myself because it just involves talking to people, really. And that works for me.

Sarah What do you like about Wolfville?

Jeremy It’s the sense of community that’s here. Every Saturday morning there’s a Wolfville Farmers’ Market. Throughout half the year, like the summer months, it’s outside. And the other half of the year it’s here on campus in the BAC. Ah, or in the SUB, the Student Union Building, sorry.
Ah, and what do I like about Wolfville? I like going, standing right in the middle of the market, looking around and just breathing it all in. Because you see people ah, buying from local farmers, their produce, their vegetables. There’s live music, there’s, there’s people with smiles on their faces. There’s a sense of community that, ah, is elsewhere, you can find this in other places also. But no where have I been that it’s most ... um, I don’t know, welcoming, as here in Wolfville.
There is such a great dynamic from townspeople and university. Ah, there’s like, what, 3000 students, about 3000 community members. So it’s a great mix. It’s somewhat of a transient town, in the sense that you do get people coming in for brief amounts of time. And make friends and then you say goodbye real fast. But ah, you know, that’s what makes it enjoyable also. There’s always people coming and going because of the university and because of the university and because of the facilities that are in place here.
It might be in rural Nova Scotia but it’s about an hours drive to the city.
And I’ve never felt trapped or bored and those are good things for a young person to, to not feel.


plays for the other team = is homosexual

stride = a long, decisive step

dub = give an unofficial name or nickname to

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that.
This is a quote by Dumbledore. (Used in today's STICK NEWS picture).
More quotes from Dumbledore here.

does not do to = it is not a good idea to
to dwell on = think, speak, or write at length about


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Dumbledore (Wikipedia)


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