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#998 Emma From England, WWW’s 20th Birthday

Show 998 Monday 16 March
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show. Today’s guest is Emma. She’s from Leicester in England and she came to Niseko for a couple of weeks this winter to visit her boyfriend who was working as a ski instructor.
Emma is a model and after visiting Niseko she went and did a photo shoot in Tokyo. I interviewed her a few days before she left and we talked about modelling. The first thing I asked her about was why she decided to get into modelling.

I did it cause, obviously cause I’m tall, people always said, oh, you should try it. And so I had a photo shoot and decided that I did really like it. So I sent them off to some agencies and then I got a few agents and just started to get work. And I really enjoy it, so I’ll just keep doing it.

Was it difficult to get work?

No, not really. I just did one photo shoot to get some photos to see if I liked it and to see if I could do it and then I sent those off and they were well received, so I did more from there.


Kia ora in Stick News today it’s the World Wide Web’s twentieth birthday.

Wikipedia says the World Wide Web is a very large set of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the internet.
The Web’s father is a man from England called Tim.
According to news reports Tim celebrated the Web’s 20th birthday by giving a speech in Switzerland.

And that was Stick News for Monday 16th of March.
Kia ora.

conversations with sarah
#628 What’s your dream?

with today's guest: Emma Jayne Hurst

Step 1: Repeat Sarah’s lines.
Step 2: Read Sarah’s lines and talk to Emma.

Sarah What do you enjoy about modelling?

Emma I like that they kind of make you a completely different person. You go in and you have your hair done and your make-up. And you get to, like, dress up and play a character. It’s just like dressing up really.

Sarah What’s the most challenging thing?

Emma Um, it can be really long hours and it can be quite boring. You have to have a lot of patience. You have to … it can take an hour sometimes to get one photo, just moving your pose just a tiny bit which can be quite boring and frustrating. But if you can put up with that, there isn’t really many bad sides to it.

Sarah What’s your dream?

Emma I’d love to be in Vogue even if it was just in an advert for something else. Or I’d love to model for Topshop as well. That’s a big brand we have in England. I think they’re moving into America as well and stuff now. Kate Moss does stuff for them. I’d love to model for them. It’s my dream. Really I just enjoy doing it as much as I can. I’ll keep doing it as long as it’s fun.

Sarah Is it easy to make a living?

Emma It depends what you do. I also do quite a bit of promotional modelling. Which a lot of models I know that do it full time do just to earn a little bit of extra money, which is always really fun. But it is … it’s very well paid. So, just to do a bit of work you can earn enough to keep yourself.

Sarah What do you think of the Top Model shows?

Emma I love them. They’re very reality TV, they’re not exactly how it is, but I do love them. I think they do give you a good, a good insight into how modelling is on the shoots. Just the way that a shoot’s put together, they are quite accurate in that. But, the bitchiness and stuff on them, I think is just for the cameras. I haven’t seen any of that in the modelling world. People aren’t as horrible as they make out.

Sarah Would you ever go on one of them?

Emma I thought about applying, but … cause they have one in Britain as well. But, um, I’m not sure if I’d want to be seen arguing on TV. Cause I think everyone gets into an argument at some point on them.

Sarah Tell me about the shoot that you’re going to be doing in Tokyo.

Emma It’s a shoot … it’ll be a fashion shoot. So just fashion clothes and hair and make up. And it’s with a photographer that lives in Tokyo, I think he’s actually American. And that’ll be just to have an experience of what’s it’s like to model in Tokyo. To see if it’s different to modelling in England. And just to get the experience. And hopefully, a different dimension to my portfolio. Because hopefully it’ll be a bit different to what I’ve already got.

Sarah Is there any particular style that you prefer modelling?

Emma I mean, my style of dress normally is heals and a dress. So, that’s the kind of think I really do enjoy modelling. But swimwear and lingerie is fun to do as long as it’s not too cold which sometimes it is. On shoots often it looks really warm but you’re actually freezing and you have to make yourself look like you’re not. But I think that’s another fun part of it.

Sarah Are you interested in acting as well?

Emma I did some acting when I was younger but I wasn’t particularly good at it. I think I like the modelling because it is acting but you don’t have to really speak. You don’t have to remember your lines and things like that. But you can just portray a character. That’s something I really like about it. And you have to learn to show different emotions on your face, which can be quite difficult at first.

Sarah What do you think of Japanese fashion?

Emma Very excited to go and see the, um, the young people in Tokyo. And see all the things that they wear. And all the famous places where all the young people hang out. I think that will be really interesting. And I love the way the Japanese girls dress. They can get away with a lot of things that we couldn’t. And it’s just … the way they put things together I think is really cool. A big mix of styles and they really pull it off. Whereas I don’t think … I think style changes a lot with … from country to country and it’s a style that probably British people wouldn’t be able to get away with. But they look very cool. Really pull it off well.

Sarah What styles do you think will be popular this spring and summer?

Emma I think there’s a lot of colours coming in that I wouldn’t necessarily want to wear. There’s a lot of orange and things coming in. And then just, um, I think … kind of, a lot of tailoring is coming in this season in Britain definitely. So, um, styles are really … there’s a style at the moment of skirt that really goes out and then comes in at the bottom underneath. It’s like wearing two skirts. That kind of fashion is quite big. Or the kind of tailoring … designers are messing around with the way things are put together a lot at the moment. So there’s like a lot of volume on things that aren’t normally … and then there’s a lot of tailored things. There’s also body con is going to be quite big still, which is very, very fitted clothes. It stands for body conscious.

Sarah Do you have a favourite era of fashion?

Emma I love 60s kind of thing. Kind of short dresses, big eye, like, eye make-up, massive eye lashes. That’s definitely the most … it’s the era that corresponds the most with my look, the way I dress. Very, like, short little dresses, big shoes, big eye make-up. I love all that kind of thing, like Twiggy, and all that kind of era.

Sarah What do you think of the Beckhams’ style?

Emma I love Victoria Beckham. She gets a lot of bad press in England. But I think she’s fantastic. She always looks absolutely perfect. And obviously David Beckham dresses very well as well. And together they complement each other very well. I think she’s great.


a living an income sufficient to live on

get away with sth to do sth wrong and not be punished for it

pull sth off to succeed in doing sth difficult

filming notes

This interview was filmed on Monday 9 March 2009 at Samurai Bar, Niseko Yurt Village, Hirafu.


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