Saturday, May 17, 2008

Show 735 Saturday 17 May

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One of the reasons people come to Niseko in spring, summer and autumn is to go rafting. Scott Adventure Sports is one of the companies in Niseko that does rafting tours. The Daily English Show has been following SAS staff around with cameras to find out how it
all works.

A typical day at SAS starts with a staff meeting. Then they do some sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and maintenance. These people are repairing one of the dry suits.

They put on dry suits. A dry suit is like a wetsuit but it's a bit different. It is sealed around your wrists, ankles and neck so the water can't get in. Then they load up the gear.

The rafting guides help the customers get in their dry suits. Everyone crouches down to get the air out of their suits. They put life jackets on. And helmets. Each customer gets a paddle. They do some stretches.

They play a game to warm up.
The guides give the customers some instructions.
Then the customers get put into groups.
Then they take the bus to the river.

When they get to the river, they unload the boats and check them. If the boats need more air they pump them up.
They take the boats down to the river. The customers find their guide.
Then they start rafting.

Sometimes they tip the boat over and then climb back in.
Sometimes they see turtles.
When they reach their destination, they pull the boats out of the water.
They carry the boats up the bank and load them onto the trailers.
Then they go home.


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