Saturday, June 20, 2009

#1066 Rafting In Niseko Spring 2009 With UKKA

Show 1066 Saturday 20 June
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Last month I went rafting for the first time.
I went on two trips with a local company called UKKA.

The first trip was on Tuesday the 5th of May.
This is me putting a dry suit on.
And posing for a photo.
Our guides gave us a few instructions as we were driving to the starting point.

Today there’s going to be four of you in the boat.
Your guide is Nozo, who is driving now.
And I’m going to be going down the river in a kayak.
If anyone falls out of the boat and floats down the river
I’ll row over to them and …
cheer them on.

When we got to the starting point we unloaded the boat.
The guides made sure we had our life jackets on properly.
And we got some safety instructions.

Knf filmed us from the riverbank.

This river is called Shribetsugawa. May is the most exciting time to go rafting because all the snow is melting. It’s really cold when your head goes under or the water splashes in your face.

The second trip was on Saturday the 9th of May.

This time knf came on the boat with us.

Chihiro was our guide and Nozo rode in the kayak and took photos.

It was a lot of fun.

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Eri Sase
Yukio Sase

Aki Nasuhara
Shigeaki Matsuda


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