Thursday, February 15, 2007

Show 288 Thursday 15 February

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

The video I recommend watching today is called:
Room 12 at the Swimming Pool – NZ

That video is on this YouTube channel.
She is a primary school teacher in New Zealand.

I think this video is really interesting to watch to see how some New Zealand kids learn how to swim.

And I think it would be good for studying because it has subtitles saying what the kids are doing. So you can read the titles and understand what they mean by looking at the images.

For example:
We can swim freestyle across the width of the pool.
We can float like starfish.
Three whistle blows means we exit the pool safely and have a shower.

I think it could also be useful for a discussion.
You could have students watch this and afterwards ask them:
Is this how you learnt to swim?
If not, how did you learn how to swim?
Did you enjoy it?

Tell me about it ... that kind of thing.


Kia ora this is Stick News. Two skiers were killed in an avalanche yesterday in Aomori, Japan.

An avalanche is a mass of snow, ice, and/or rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside.
Wikipedia says between 55 and 65 percent of victims buried in avalanches are killed.
Yesterday 24 members of a ski tour were skiing in two groups in Hakkoda, Aomori.
One group, with 19 members, was hit by an avalanche at 11:20am. Two people died and 8 were injured. One injured woman is in serious condition.
Just 10 minutes before the avalanche an avalanche warning for all of Aomori prefecture was issued.

And that was Stick News for Thursday the 15th of February.
Kia Ora.

the snow report

It snowed quite a lot this evening.

conversations with sarah
#175 Did you learn to swim like that?

Step 1: Repeat Taka's lines.
Step 2: Read Taka's lines and talk to Sarah.

Taka Did you learn to swim like that?

Sarah Yeah, that looks similar to what we did, from what I can remember. We also swam in the creek.

Taka What’s a creek?

Sarah It’s a small river.

Taka Really? There was a river by your school?

Sarah Yeah, there was a good swimming hole about 10 minutes walk from the school.

Taka Did you usually swim in the pool or in the creek?

Sarah Mmm both. We also swam in the sea sometimes too. Because the school was next to the sea.