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Show 157 Saturday 7 October

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You might recognize some of these places if you have ever been sightseeing in Tokyo. This is the second book I made, after Perci the Persimmon. This is a true story. (Except for the part about the grapefruit being the tour guide). The photos were taken in April 2004. And Mr G really did go to all those places ... the photos haven’t been altered at all.

These questions are all very useful structures for English conversation. So please practice them and then ask someone in English about their weekend : )

Hey Mr G.
How was your weekend?
It was pretty good.
What did you get up to?
I took my friend Robbo sightseeing around Tokyo.
Oh yeah. Where did you go?
First we went to Asakusa.
Did you buy any souvenirs?
Yes, we bought some Japanese snacks, called “kaminari okoshi”.
Where else did you go?
We took the ferry to Odaiba.
Was that the first time you’d taken that ferry?
Yeah, it was.
Was Odaiba crowded?
No, not really, because it was a weekday.
What did you do there?
We drank some beer.

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Show 156 Friday 6 October

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Hi, I’m Sarah and this is The Daily English Show.

So Blogger has updated their system and I changed my blog to a beta blog whatever that means ...

And then I found all these comments waiting to be approved – so a few months ago my blog seems to have mysteriously changed to only showing comments if I approve them and then hidden the comments somewhere.
Anyway, it was great to come across a bunch of nice comments ... kind of like finding money in the pocket of a jacket that you haven’t worn for ages ...

So, thank you : ) And thank you to everybody who leaves comments.

Today’s news is about the Rainbow Warrior ... the conversation is about a video that I saw on YouTube.

And now for something completely random ... yesterday when I was editing I came across a crazy shot which looks like I have no head.


That was during the part when I was reading the news and I kept stuffing it up and went ahhh and put my head forward in frustration.


Kia Ora, in Stick News today, the woman who wants to be the next president in France may be the sister of the man who bombed the Rainbow Warrior.
Her brother was a spy at the time of the 1985 bombings and he may have been the person who planted the bombs.

A nuclear weapon is a bomb used to kill thousands of people at the same time. They’ve only ever been used twice in war. In 1945 America dropped 2 bombs on Japan.
Since then 7 countries have let off over 2000 bombs for testing or demonstrations.
From 1966 and 1996 France blew up its bombs in the South Pacific on an atoll called Mururoa. Many of the people living in the pacific weren’t happy about this.
Greenpeace was against the testing. They planned to sail to Mururoa to protest. So the French government sent spies to New Zealand to bomb one of their boats.
The Rainbow Warrior was in Auckland when it was bombed by French spies on the 10th of July 1985. One crew member died.
France denied having anything to do with it at first.
Then two of the spies were caught by the New Zealand police. They pleaded guilty to manslaughter and were sentenced to 10 years in prison.
But they didn’t spend much time behind bars – the French government helped them get back to France.
And the other spies were never punished.

The Socialist Party candidate said that her brother was involved in a detestable act, but the irony of the story was that she favoured Greenpeace’s actions against nuclear testing.
Her brother said he has never spoken whether or not he was involved in the operation and he never will.
And that was Stick News for Friday the 6th of October.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
# 104 Do you want to watch it?

Hisae and Sarah talk about a video on the net.
Step 1: Repeat Hisae’s lines.
Step 2: Read Hisae’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah.

Hisae Seen any good videos lately?

Sarah Yeah, I saw one with a guy putting on lots of t-shirts. Do you want to watch it?

Hisae Is it very long?

Sarah No, it’s only about a minute or so.

Hisae OK.

Sarah He put on 155 t-shirts, I think.

Hisae Wow. He doesn’t look very happy.

Sarah Yeah ... it must be pretty uncomfortable.

Hisae I wonder where they got all the t-shirts from.


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Nuclear weapons.
Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior
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