Sunday, September 17, 2006

#137 Koyadofu

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#18 Koyadofu

I think I walked past this in the supermarket for about a year before I found out
it was a kind of tofu.

Koyadofu is dried tofu.
It’s really hard. And dry.
Then after it’s cooked it’s like a sponge.

I decided to follow the instructions on the back of this packet.
I put some water in a pot. Then added soy sauce, mirin, konbu dashi, and finally salt. Bad idea ... it was so salty it tasted like the ocean.

When it was boiling, I put the koyadofu in.
And cooked it for 10 minutes.

Then I turned off the gas.
And put it into a bowl.
Then I took a photo.
And ate it.


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