Thursday, November 23, 2006

#203 Day 22: Kutchan - We Are Not Alone ...

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The Road to Hokkaido Tour 2006
Day 22: Kutchan

I discovered a few things in the last few days.
Firstly, Kutchan has a t when written in English. I’ve been spelling it without a t for a while. I don’t think it really needs a t ... but it seems to be fairly well established so I’m not going to mess with it.

Secondly, the season doesn’t start on December 1st like I thought it did. It starts on November the 23rd. So, theoretically, we could be snowboarding from tomorrow. Although that doesn’t seem likely. There’s not enough snow.

The third discovery I made was when, suddenly, at about 8 o’clock at night, there was a knock on our kitchen window.
The man outside announced that he was living upstairs and could we please turn the music down. We were so surprised because we had no idea that anyone was living upstairs.
When we moved in the landlord explained that the shop next door was empty but he didn’t say anything else about anyone else living in the building. We assumed that there were two shops and that was it.
Because we thought our neighbours are mostly far away and are mostly shops or bars we’d started planning some great parties we’d have and had even bought some new speakers with extra strong bass. We’d been enjoying cranking the music too – thinking that we weren’t bothering anyone.
Well ... there goes our party plans I guess.

NTT came this morning and now we have a phone line. But yahoo are even slower than NTT and are going to take more than a week to give us the internet.
Mmm so slow.

We went back to the second-hand shop today to get some more stuff. The people at that shop are really nice and gave us some stuff for free.
Then I started setting up the studio. I decided I want a bit of privacy when I’m setting up so hung some material in the windows. Actually I might get some curtains because otherwise all the heat’s going to keep flying out the windows ... I also put a sign in the window: tdes studio and office. Opens from 1st December 2006.