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#963 Tsuyoshi From Japan, Cro-Magnon, Schools Minister Mangles English

Show 963 Monday 9 February
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today’s guest is Tsuyoshi. He’s from a Japanese band called Cro-Magnon who I was lucky enough to see live in Niseko recently. I really enjoyed their music. And after the gig Tsuyoshi was kind enough to go outside into the freezing cold and do a quick interview.

The members of Cro-Magnon met in Boston in the United States. They were studying at a place called Berklee College of Music. And when they came back to Japan in 1999 they formed a group called Loop Junktion – which was five people. Then in 2004, three of the guys from Loop Junction formed Cro-Magnon.

I asked Tsuyoshi:

How long did you live in the United States?
Ah, me, I was in the States for high school, so I was … eight and a half years in the States and the other people were … four years for the collages. For a couple of years.

What happened to Loop Junktion?
Ah, we kind of get split in a good way. We had sort of trouble, but in a good way, we kind of split. And MC doing his self … by his own. Base player is touring with other guys as a support musician. And we three got together and doing Cro-Magnon.


Kia ora in Stick News today the English politician in charge of schools is encouraging students to check their work after he was mocked online for posting a blog entry full of spelling mistakes.

Jim Knight is Minister of State for Schools and Learners in the Department for Children, Schools and Families.
He writes his own blog entries and doesn’t always use spell check.
A post he wrote recently was full of spelling mistakes, including: receieved (received), maintainence (maintenance), convicned (convinced) and curently (currently).
The BBC reported some of his sentences also had words missing or were otherwise mangled.
After his mistakes were pointed out in the media, he corrected them and promised to check his work in the future.

And that was Stick News for Monday the 9th of February.
Kia ora.

conversations with sarah
#603 How was tonight’s gig?

Step 1: Repeat Sarah’s lines.
Step 2: Read Sarah’s lines and talk to Tsuyoshi.

Sarah How would you describe your music?

Tsuyoshi It’s dance music … yeah … and funky music. We, we like all sorts of music. But for the live show we, kind of, do the dancy track for people to dance, yeah.

Sarah Is this the first time you’ve played in Niseko?

Tsuyoshi No, no second time. We were here last, ah, June.

Sarah How was tonight’s gig?

Tsuyoshi It was good, it was great, yeah. I felt that people in there … all got together. We played at Zepp Sapporo last night. And that was a great party and the place was huge. And the tension of the people was more able to feel … here, close to each other, so that was good.

Sarah What’s the most amazing gig you’ve played so far?

Tsuyoshi We do it too many times, so, ah … I can’t pick any name but last year at the Asagiri Jam was good. And we do a local party in Tokyo once in a, once in a while. Called the NBSA … once in a while. It’s always a good party for us.

Sarah What do you most enjoy about playing live?

Tsuyoshi Ah, meeting people and spreading the music as a live show because it’s a only one time explore for the moment when we play so we try to go as many place as possible, yeah.

Sarah Where have you played outside of Japan?

Tsuyoshi Jakarta, Korea, we going to Korea next month. And we going to Europe, we went to Vienna, Montpellier, at the South France, London, we played there … two years ago … we going by this April.

Sarah Are the audiences different in different countries?

Tsuyoshi Yeah, different, but it’s all same at the end. It’s music and people, so … yeah, but …. difference between Japanese audience and people from other country … other country … people react to the music, and say something you know, some people scream and people react more than the audience in Japan. I think. Japanese people listens but they don’t scream or, you know, like that …

Sarah Do you have any advice for people who are studying English?

Tsuyoshi Make some friend who speaks English … and make a good friendship, that will make the good English lesson … yeah.


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