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#1389 East Cape To Thornton Beach: First Sun, World's Biggest Pōhutukawa, Boy Movie Locations

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On day 28 we got up early again so we could be among the first people in the world to welcome the new day.

We drove to the end of East Cape Road and then walked up about 700 steps to the East Cape Lighthouse.

When we got to the top of the hill the sun was hiding behind the clouds unfortunately, but the view was still beautiful.

East Cape Lighthouse

This lighthouse was built more than 100 years ago and was originally on this little island called Whangaokena or East Island. It was moved over here in 1922 because the island was too unstable.

On the way back down the hill, we stopped to look at some of the plants.
This is Rangiora.
I think this Mānuka or it could be Kānuka. Those two are hard to tell apart.

Sunrise Over Whangaokeno/East Island East Cape Sunrise

We drove back down East Cape Road and stopped at the camping ground so we could find the manager and pay the fee. It was $11.50.

East Cape Camp Ground East Cape Camp Ground

We saw lots of cows gathering in the field opposite the camping ground.
I don’t think I’ve ever heard such loud mooing in my life.

East Cape, New Zealand No Horses Sign

In Te Araroa we had a look inside the Matakaoa Information Centre. We checked the weather report and bought a couple of postcards.

Around the corner we saw the world’s biggest Pōhutukawa tree. According to this sign, the tree’s more than 350 years old. Its name is Te Waha O Rerekohu.

Te Waha O Rerekohu - World's Biggest Pōhutukawa World's Biggest Pōhutukawa

Sir Apirana Ngata was born here in Te Araroa. He’s the guy on the $50 note in New Zealand.
He was a politician and a lawyer and apparently he was the first New Zealander to get a double degree.

A bit further up the road we stopped for a coffee at the East Cape Mānuka Visitor Centre.
They make and sell Mānuka oil here.

Sweetcorn At Oruaiti Beach

We stopped at Waihau Bay to check out some of the locations of a New Zealand movie called Boy.

View Boy - movie locations in a larger map

I bought an ice block from this shop like the main character does in the movie.
In the movie they ate the ice blocks over here but it was raining so I sat in front of the shop.
I also got the flavour wrong because I couldn't remember what it was at the time. I bought orange, but in the movie he buys what looks like lemonade ice blocks.

Waihau Bay Post Office - Sign

Further up the road we past more Boy locations. I’m pretty sure this school was the one that was in the movie. Apparently it’s also the school that the director went to.

This bridge was also in the movie Boy.

In Te Kaha we stopped to check out another movie location. Before Boy, Taika Waititi made a short film called Two Cars, One Night. It was filmed outside the Te Kaha Hotel.

We really love this film so we were very disappointed to find that the hotel had disappeared. A couple of years ago it was pulled down and replaced with this building.

Just past Opotiki we stopped briefly to have a look at two carved pillars, or pouwhenua. These carvings were unveiled in 1991 and represent the history of this area.

That night we stayed at a place near Whakatane called Thornton Beach Holiday Park.

It was a really stormy night. The power went out and our motorhome rocked around in the wind.
It turns out we were in the middle of a tropical cyclone called Wilma.
We were pretty happy not to be in a tent that night.

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Boy - official site
Boy - Wikipedia
Boy trailer
interview with Rocky (Te Aho Aho Eketone-Whitu)
Google map of Boy locations we saw - shop, school, bridge

* End of 2011 - Taika Waititi said on Twitter "Oct/Nov"

Two Cars, One Night - official site
Two Cars, One Night - Wikipedia
Watch part 2
Te Kaha Hotel (old) - photo, taken in 2004

Church - at 7min15

war memorial - at 9min58

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