Tuesday, October 14, 2008

#855 Léon, Sarah's Smash Shack, Stocks Soar

Show 855 Tuesday 14 October
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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today we’re going to study a scene from a movie called Léon which is an action drama which came out in 1994.

I’ve only ever seen Léon from this DVD, which is from Japan, as you can see on the back. And I was just reading the Wikipedia entry and I was surprised to see that this is actually a different version from the one that was released in the rest of the world. This one is 23 minutes longer, so there a lot of scenes that you won’t have seen if you only saw the other version. Anyway, I think the scene that I chose is in both versions.

The movie is about a young girl who becomes friends with a hit man, or a cleaner as he calls it, and he teaches her how to be a cleaner.

In this scene, that we’re studying today, the girl is sitting on the steps in her apartment building by herself and there’s a group of boys nearby who are playing basketball, and they come over to her and start talking to her. And they tell her that she has to pay them money to sit on the steps.
One of the boys says: Nothing’s free. Like a parking meter, when you stop, you pay. It’s the law.

I really like this scene, it’s pretty funny because the boys seem like they don’t think she’ll actually pay – they’re probably just bored and they want to hassle her. So they look really surprised when she just calmly hands over some money, I think it’s a hundred dollar note.

And she just calmly tells them to go away. She says: Does paying rent here mean I have to put up with you guys?
To put up with sb/sth is a phrasal verb which means: to accept sb/sth that is annoying, unpleasant etc. without complaining.

It means the same thing as tolerate.


Kia Ora in Stick News today despite the tough economic times, Reuters reports that one business in San Diego in the US is booming. It’s called Sarah’s Smash Shack.

Recently, the economy hasn’t been looking so hot. There’s a global financial crisis going on.
According to Reuters, the financial crisis has forced people in San Diego to cut back on their $4 lattes and sushi dinners.
But they say one business is booming because of the crisis.
Sarah’s Smash Shack is a place where people can relieve stress by paying to throw stuff against a wall.
One customer, who came with his wife, said it was the best $50 they’d spent in the last two years.
"Oh boy”, he said, “we smashed some plates, a couple of TV trays, some cups and mugs. My wife smashed some glass flowers."

And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 14th of October.
Kia Ora.

Word of the Day

Today’s word is soar.

Soar has a few meanings. Birds soar.
Fly or rise high into the air.

Another meaning is: increase rapidly above the usual level.

Apparently, today the world’s stock markets soared, which means that the value of the stocks went up very quickly.

conversations with sarah
#529 I need to think

* On the DVD I have (bought in Japan - long version) this scene is here: Chapter 8 (1:27:23)

Step 1: Repeat the boy’s lines.
Step 2: Read the boy’s lines and talk to Matilda.

Boy You're new, aren't you? Fifth floor, right? You know, you can't sit here like that.

Matilda Really? Why not?

Boy Nothing's free. Like a parking meter, when you stop, you pay. It's the law.

Matilda Only on TV.

Boy What did you say?

Matilda Forget it. How much is your meter?

Boy Ten dollars. A month.

Matilda Got change? Don't worry about it, we'll do ten for twelve. I'll pay now for the rest of the year, OK?

Boy OK. A year.

Matilda Does paying rent here mean I have to put up with you guys?

Boy Uh, no.

Matilda So go play somewhere else. I need to think.


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