Saturday, May 06, 2006

Show 34 Saturday 6 May

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Golden Week special 6: Fluffy TV parody

Today’s show is a spoof of the puppet show “Fluffy TV”.
Spotty TV copies the format and some of the lines, but changes the characters to teachers, and the topics to things related to studying English. (The characters in Fluffy TV are a doctor and a nurse and they talk about medical issues).

Watch the real thing here. I love Fluffy TV and I also listen to Sowerby and Luff’s Big Squeeze – a podcast by Comedy 365. I think it’ s very funny.
Fluffy TV is comedy – but beware it contains language which may offend some people. Please don’t watch it if you are offended by profanities.

Don’t worry Spotty TV doesn’t contain any dodgy language.

Spotty TV
A tribute to Fluffy TV

Welcome to Spotty TV, with me Professor Dog and me Teacher Frog.
First up today is Grammatical Matters.
“Grammatical Matters. Grammatical Matters.”
And today’s subject is the present perfect.
What is the present perfect Teacher Frog?
It’s a tense, Professor Dog.
Have you ever used the present perfect?
Yes, I have. I use the present perfect every day.
Which do you think is better, Teacher Frog, the present perfect or the past perfect?
Well, it depends on what you are talking about?
Does it?
Yes. Of course it does. Don’t ask stupid questions.

Now it’s time for: Product Placement Headbanging.
1, 2, 3.
Oxford Oxford Oxford. Oxford.

That was Product Placement Headbanging.
Now, here is Bleak Bear.

Every year, thousands of people take English tests all over the world. And thousands of people fail. Failing is usually defined as not scoring enough points to pass an exam or test. Here are some ways you might fail an English test.

You could sleep in.
You could fall asleep during the exam.
On the way to exam you could be hit on the head by a falling object which penetrates your skull.
If you are hit on the head you should shout “ouch” very loudly.
This has been stuff to worry about, with me, Bleak Bear.

Today’s email says: “I recently sat the TOEIC test and my score was 10. Is this normal?”
Is that normal Teacher Frog?
No, Professor Dog. That is not normal. If you only got 10 on the TOEIC test, you must be very, very stupid.
Yes, Teacher Frog. My thoughts exactly.

Did you fold the corner over?
Did you fold the corner over?
You have to fold the corner over.
So we don’t get confused.
Oh, whatever.
It’s important! Do it! Do it! Do it!
OK. OK. Calm down. I’m folding over the corner. See? Folding the corner.
Good. Now read the next email.

The next email says: “I like studying English, naked. Is this normal?”
Is it normal Teacher Frog? To study English, naked?
Well, it depends.
What does it depend on Teacher Frog?
It depends on where you are. If you are in the library, it is not normal. It is weird.
But if you are at home, it is normal.
Have you ever studied English naked Teacher Frog?
No, I haven’t. But I once taught a class naked. The students found it very stimulating.
Ha ha ha ha ha. Ah ha ha ha ha. I’m sure they did Teacher Tom.

Did you fold the corner down?
No. I put the email up my bottom. Yes! I folded the corner down! Grrr.

This has been spotty TV.
Say “bye, bye” Teacher Frog.

Bye, bye, Teacher Frog.