Saturday, July 15, 2006

Show 104 Saturday 15 July

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The King's Birthday
A play by Asako Sakihama
based on the book: Just in Time for the King's Birthday by E.B.Chance

This is a play done by one of the kid's classes that I teach.
I can't take much credit for it - Asako organises the classes and teaches them most of the time.
I only teach them twice a month.
She wrote and directed this play. She did a great job I think - and so did the kids.
I took the video and did the editing.
I really enjoy teaching this class because the kids are so enthusiastic, fun and full of positive energy.

Music by Drop Trio.
Track 3: Melody, melody.
From the album Big Dipper.
Used with permission from
Drop Trio's site.
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