Saturday, January 23, 2010

#1146 Relay Swimming Race In Lake Biwa, Japan Part 3

Show 1146 Saturday 23 January
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The second person to swim was Hoshika Yasuyuki.
He swam for 30 minutes.

It’s so different to swimming in a pool.
Yeah, the waves were pretty big.
You’re fighting against the waves, which takes a lot of energy.
Halfway through, I thought about giving up.

There are waves coming on an angle so it pushes you closer to the boat, but you try and keep away from the boat cause you don’t want to go under here and get caught in the propellers.
So, yeah, it’s hard work. Fun, though.
The sun’s out, the wind’s died down, it’s all good. Yeah.

I swam last year as well.
And last year it was really tough.
This time it felt really good.
Yeah, I really enjoyed the swim.

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