Sunday, April 23, 2006

Show 21 Sunday 23 April

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Sunday Kitchen 3: How to make a banana smoothie.

To make a banana smoothie you need: A banana.
It’s better to use one that’s going brown, because they’re sweeter.

And you need some soymilk.
This is the kind that I buy and I like it because it doesn’t have any sugar in it or other mysterious ingredients. It just has beans. And it’s organic, and I like the package. And it tastes good.

You need a blender. It has to be a princess blender. No, I’m kidding. But I do like this princess blender.

And you need a glass.

First, peel the banana.

Then, put it in the blender.

Pour some soymilk in the blender.

Put a bit of water in, so it’s not too thick.

Put the lid on the blender.

Turn the blender on.

Turn the blender off.

Take the lid off.

Pour it into a glass.

#20 How To Buy A Drink From A Vending Machine In Japan

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#2 How to buy a drink from a vending machine.

Hi, I’m Sarah and this is The Daily English Show. It’s Saturday the 22nd of April and this is show number 20.
These are kumara. I was talking about them on the show yesterday, when I was talking about New Zealand English. And then I went shopping and decided to buy some. So, I think I might have kumara soup for lunch today. It seems like a kumara kind of day.
So today is the HOW TO show, number two. Last week it was: How to study English. And today: How to buy a drink from a vending machine.
So, there are vending machines everywhere in Japan. Which, by the by, I think is such a waste of energy to have so many. But they can be kind of useful.
Ah, especially in the middle of summer, when it’s really hot, it can be handy to have a vending machine nearby.
So, today’s show could be useful for you. Summer is coming up. And if you happen to be in Japan and you find yourself in the middle of the city or country or, or the top of Mount Fuji and find yourself very thirsty. Then you could be using the information you learn on today’s show.

Step 1: Choose a drink.

Step 2: Take your wallet out of your bag.

Step 3: Take some money out of your wallet.

Step 4: Put the note in the slot.

Step 5: Turn it around and try again.

Step 6: Try again.

Step 7: Maybe this time.

Step 8: Give up on the note and find some coins.

Step 9: Put a coin in the slot.

Step 10: Press the button under the drink you want.

Step 11: Take the drink.

Step 12: Take your change.