Sunday, May 13, 2007

Show 375 Sunday 13 May

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Going to Canada 2007
Day 6: Vancouver

This is the view from out our window. Vancouver has electric buses. And ambulances. Of course.

This area is called Gastown. I thought it might be because gas used to be produced or sold here. But yesterday the artist we saw in the street explained that
Gastown comes from a famous guy whose nickname was Gassy Jack. Gassy is an informal word meaning verbose. Gassy Jack got his nickname because he used to talk a lot.

Today we had lunch at the Indian restaurant across the road. The food was good. And so was the service.

We went back to the Chinese shops to buy some fruit. I saw some massive ginger.
And a Garfield maneki neko.

This shop looks like it has trouble with kids breaking stuff. Quite a few shops had this sign. I've noticed the word washroom is common in Canada.

In the evening we thought about going to the drum circle or the reggae night but
we were pretty tired and didn't end up going to either of them.

Instead I did some editing and checked where the bus station was and what time the bus left in the morning.


Gassy Jack
Maneki neko


artist: Jampy
album: Rain
track: Funky Duck Goes West
from: Napoli, Italy
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artist: The TenGooz
album: It's Time!
track: Saudade (Live)
from: Tsukuba, Japan
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artist: Matthew Tyas
album: Music for the movies vol1
track: Three ways to run away
from: Oloron Sainte-Marie, France
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