Sunday, January 17, 2010

#1140 Oaty Slice

Show 1131 Sunday 20 December
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Sunday Kitchen #150 Oaty Slice

I made a slice based on a recipe I saw in a magazine, called Oaty Slice.
It came out pretty well, so I thought I’d share the recipe.

First I turned the oven on to 160 degrees.

Then I put a cup of rolled oats, a cup of flour, a cup of coconut, three crushed Weet-Bix, half a cup of chopped dates, half a cup of chopped apricots and a quarter of a cup of flax seeds into a bowl and mixed.

I put half a cup of oil, three quarters of a cup of sugar, and two tablespoons of golden syrup into a pot and heated it up for a bit.

I mixed a teaspoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of boiling water and added that to the stuff in the pot which made a cool fizzing effect.

Then I added the fizzy stuff to the dry stuff and mixed it up. And I decided to add a teaspoon of vanilla at some point.

I lined a dish which looked slice pan-ish, with baking paper and put the mixture in and pressed it down as hard as I could. I put it in the oven and baked it for 30 minutes.

This is what it looked like when it came out. It matches the bench top. Lovely.

I waited for it to cool completely before I cut it up. The first time I made it I tried cutting it when it was still warm and it fell apart … so I would recommend waiting.



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