Monday, November 05, 2007

Show 551 Monday 5 November

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Back to Japan 2007
Day 10: Vancouver to Taipei

Our last day in Canada was one of those excellent days where we walked for hours all over the city, didn't get tired or lost, found everything we were looking for, did everything on our list and met lots of nice people.

We did some shopping in Chinatown.

We went to a shopping mall and had a great lunch at the best shopping mall food court I’ve ever seen.

We walked around town a bit and looked at the scenery.

We went to Gastown and made a video by the clock. Right after we finished the video we walked around the corner and saw some people from a New Zealand TV show which was pretty funny. They were here on an Air New Zealand promotional trip. And they asked The Daily English show cameraman what he knew about New Zealand.

We went to Commercial Drive to do some food shopping and we had dinner there.

We took a taxi out to the airport at about 7.

We found a cool bar at the airport. I don’t expect airport bars to be very good but this was great. They were promoting Air New Zealand too.

As for the flight it was the worst flight I’ve ever been on. It was a huge plane and it was completely full. I think there were about 500 people on it. There was a massive queue at check in three hours before the flight and it didn’t really get any smaller. I think we took off an hour later than we were supposed to.

For some reason the plane was full of really rude people too – and the flight attendants looked really stressed out. They were running down the aisles throwing slippers at people.

I was in shock for the first hour of the flight after I found out that we were on a 12 and a half hour flight. I was thinking it would be about 7 hours. Just a random guess ... I didn’t even know planes could stay in the air for 12 hours.

When we arrived in Taipei I saw a sign for a shower and I thought, oh I’ve got to have a shower. Seriously, that was the best shower I’ve had in my life. It felt so, so good.

I love Taipei. Yay, for Asia where the internet is free in airports like it should be. I won’t miss that about Canada.