Sunday, January 25, 2009

#948 Love Pancakes

Show 948 Sunday 25 January
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Sunday Kitchen #124 Love Pancakes

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so I thought I’d to do some romantic cooking.

I decided to make some Love Pancakes.

First I made some batter.

Half a cup of soymilk.
Two tablespoons of flour.
A tablespoon of oil.
Some cinnamon.
A tablespoon of sugar.
And some walnuts.

I poured the mixture into a small plastic jug.

And I heated up the frying pan I and tried to write 愛 (ai) - the Japanese word for love.

As you can see, it was a complete disaster.

So, I decided to pour the mixture into a plastic bag and cut off one of the corners.
This worked much better – but it was a bit too thin to turn over.

This is my second attempt with the plastic bag style … that was still a bit too delicate to turn over.

So the next time I decided to make the strokes thicker and clearly joined together.

This time, bingo, I managed to turn it over.
Hmm, a little bit too much love on that side. But not bad. It kind of looks like ai.

In the end I made three Love Pancakes. None of them really looked that much like ai … but they all tasted good.


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