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#992 What Kind Of Name Is LeeJohn? Google Blocks Videos In UK, Outrageous

Show 992 Tuesday 10 March
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

I came across a clip from a movie called First Sunday and I thought we’d study part of that today.

From what it says in Wikipedia it doesn’t sound like a brilliant movie.

Under Critical reception it says: The film received mostly negative reviews from critics.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try studying from it. In fact I think it could be useful to try and study from a very cheesy and predictable movie – because those kinds of movies are usually very easy to understand and the characters don’t really say anything out of the ordinary. So it could be a good chance to pick up some useful everyday language without having to worry about trying to understand a complicated plot.

Of course I don’t know if this movie is cheesy and predicable - but I’m just saying don’t write off movies as study tools just because they aren’t very good.

Anyway, there’s a line I want to talk about from this clip. A guy says to another guy: What kind of name is LeeJohn anyway?

If you heard someone say that you might think that it’s a genuine question from someone who is interested about the origin of a name. But what he really means is: What a stupid name. And a normal response would be something like: Shut up. But the guy actually explains his name.

You can use this structure in other situations too. I had a look around online to find an example and I found a forum post with the heading: What kind of lame ass power is stretchy arms anyway??

I don’t know what they’re talking about … but I assume it’s some kind of fictional character who has the special power of stretchy arms. So there he’s not saying: please explain what kind of power stretchy arms is. He’s saying: I think stretchy arms is a stupid power, or a lame ass power.


Kia ora in Stick News today Google has decided to block UK users from watching music videos on YouTube.

PRS for Music is the collecting society for songwriters, composers and music publishers in the United Kingdom.
They collect money when their members’ music is performed in public, broadcast or transmitted.
Google has been paying PRS a fee for when people in the UK watch music videos supplied or claimed by record labels.
But their licence has now expired and the two parties couldn’t agree on a new contract.
So YouTube has announced that some music videos will be blocked in the UK.
YouTube said it was “a painful decision” but the costs were “simply prohibitive”.
PRS for Music said they were “outraged” and “disappointed” at Google’s action.

And that was Stick News for Tuesday 10th of March.
Kia ora.

TDES Niseko Snow Report
with SAS Scott Adventure Sports

Special thanks to: David New

What’s a common mistake that beginner skiers make?

A lot of the time beginners tend to sit back a lot on their skis. Um, so, they’ll quite often not have their weight far forward enough. And this is where that goal keeper position comes in … is very important.
Um, so people will be skiing along and they’ll bend their knees but it often looks like they’re sitting on the toilet. So they don’t have any control over their skis when they’re in that position. So we have to try and get them to come forward and to really … As I said, the most important joint actually when we’re skiing, is the ankle joint. And if that’s flexed and the shin’s touching the collar on their boots and then we know that we’ve got, you know … forward, so …

Word of the Day

Today’s word is outrage.

n. a strong feeling of shock and anger
v. to make sb very shocked and angry

And the verb is often passive, as in be outraged.

In today’s news, PRS for Music said they were outraged at Google’s action.

The adjective is outrageous. So PRS for Music thinks that what Google has done is outrageous.

conversations with sarah
#624 What kind of name is LeeJohn anyway?

* Watch this scene here from 0:27

Step 1: Repeat Durell’s lines.
Step 2: Read Durell’s lines and talk to LeeJohn.

Durell What kind of name is LeeJohn anyway?

LeeJohn When I was born my mother had two boyfriends Lee and John. She ain’t know who my real father was so she named me LeeJohn.

Durell I don’t think I would have told that.

filming notes

Ending shot filmed on Monday 9th March 2009 in Grand Hirafu - standing on the Ace Family run looking back up the mountain.


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