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#1044 Tell Her About It, 15-year-old Survives Osaka Railroad Nap, Insecure, Painting MSK

Show 1044 Friday 29 May

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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

The song we’re studying today is called Tell Her About It and it’s by Billy Joel.
I like this song. It’s a good cheesy dance song.

So, what does it mean?

In this song a man is giving advice to another man about how to treat a woman. He’s saying that communication is very important and you need to talk about your feelings often and tell her how much you love her.

Tell her about it
Let her know how much you care
When she can't be with you
Tell her you wish you were there

There are many idioms we can study in this song.

For example, be there for is an idiom which means: be able to provide support or comfort for.

She's a real nice girl
And she's always there for you

So that means she always supports and comforts you.

For real is an idiom which means: genuine or as good as it seems.

Tell her about it
Tell her everything you feel
Give her every reason to accept
That you're for real

So that means you should tell her how you feel so that she will know that you genuinely care about her.

Now and then is an idiom which means: from time to time, or sometimes. You can also say: now and again.

Cause now and then
She'll get to worrying
Just because you haven't spoken
For so long


Kia ora in Stick News today a fifteen-year-old boy in Japan was run over by a train and he survived.

On Wednesday night in Osaka a fifteen-year-old boy had a few drinks and decided to have a nap on the railway tracks.
The next train to come along was being driven by a 59-year-old man. The driver saw the boy lying there and put the breaks on, but the train couldn’t stop in time.
Two of the train’s six carriages drove over the boy before the train came to a stop.
The boy wasn’t injured. According to news reports his life was saved thanks to the 30 centimeter gap between the ground and the bottom of the train.
The boy said he couldn’t remember why he decided to sleep on the railway tracks.

And that was Stick News for Friday 30th May.
Kia ora.

Word of the Day

Today’s word is insecure.

This is from today’s song:

When you love someone
You're always insecure

What does insecure mean?

Well in means not … so, not secure. Or: not confident.

insecure adj. not confident about yourself or your relationships with other people.

So I guess Billy Joel is saying that when you love someone, you’re not really confident about yourself or your relationship. Maybe you’re thinking: Does he really love me?

friday joke

Today I changed a light bulb,
crossed the road and walked into a bar,
It was then that I realised my whole life was a joke.

conversations with sarah
#660 Have they finished?

Step 1: Repeat Pete’s lines.
Step 2: Read Pete’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Pete What was that building at the end of yesterday’s show?

Sarah Oh, that was my apartment building.

Pete When did you film that?

Sarah Yesterday.

Pete Oh, really? Are they painting the building?

Sarah Yeah. They’re doing the whole outside of the building.

Pete Have they finished?

Sarah No, they only just started. On Monday they water blasted it and then they’ve been filling in some gaps and then what you saw yesterday was them putting tape around the windows.

Pete Is it noisy?

Sarah No, it’s not too bad. It’s just funny because I’ll be working away and then all of a sudden there’s some legs hanging outside my window.


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