Monday, May 01, 2006

Show 28 Sunday 30 April

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sunday kitchen
#4 Coffee

To make a cup of coffee is easy.
All you need is...
A coffee pot.
Some coffee beans.
Some scissors.
A grinder.
And some water.

All you need to do is ...
Cut open the bag.
Pour some beans in the grinder.
Put the lid on.
Press the button.
Wait until it stops grinding.
Take the lid off.
Pour some water in the bottom part of the coffee pot.
Put the middle part in.
Put some coffee in.
Screw the top part on.
Put the pot on the stove.
Turn the gas on.
After a while some coffee will start pouring out the top.
When it has finished ...
Turn off the gas.
Take the pot off the stove.
And pour the coffee into a coffee cup.