Sunday, February 10, 2008

Show 638 Sunday 10 February

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Sunday Kitchen #81 Pineapple Lumps (tdes style)

The other day I saw a pineapple at the supermarket and I had a sudden urge to buy it.
Mmm pineapple ... a little bit of tropics amongst all this snow.
I had an idea to make something with pineapple and chocolate. Kind of like pineapple lumps.

I cut up the pineapple.
Then I melted the chocolate.
Then I poked a skewer into each piece of pineapple.
Then covered the pineapple with chocolate.
And poked the skewer into a banana.

Then I put them inside a chilly bin with snow in the bottom. We don’t have a fridge.

I took them out a couple of hours later and the chocolate was hard.
Mmm they tasted so good.


Pineapple Lumps are a lolly from New Zealand.
Pineapple Lumps TV ad

chilly bin is NZ English
In other countries it's called:
cool bag, cool box (UK)
cooler (US)
esky (Australia)


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