Saturday, September 23, 2006

#143 Hong Kong

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Sarah’s Dairy
#12 Hong Kong

If there’s one thing that I really don’t recommend, it’s stopping over in a big city on the way back from your island holiday.

I went from Bali: beautiful beaches, slow pace, friendly smiles to ...
Hong Kong, where it was busy, hot, crowded and rained every day.

Not that I think Hong Kong is a bad place or anything. It was just a bit of a shock after Bali. And a big part of this shock was cause by my decision to stay in what was probably the cheapest hotel in Hong Kong.

Why oh why? Well I don’t have loads of money is the simple answer. But it’s not just that. I tend to think that if I have x amount of money then I’d rather spend money on something like an expensive cocktail or three than on a pricey hotel room.
Well, this logic works fine in Bali, where even the cheap hotels are nice ... But ...

We stayed in a place in a building called Mirador Mansion. If there is a hell, and it it’s like this place, then I swear I’m going to be good for the rest of my life.
Tiny bit of floor space, bed, low ceiling, no windows, this is the toilet/shower ... Just being inside the room was pretty bad, but stepping out we were hit with the most awful smells and liquid dripping from the ceilings. Then on the bottom floor before I could get out of the building there were aggressive people demanding me to buy something.

But Hong Kong wasn’t all bad.
The greatest thing was all the juice everywhere. I love fruit.
The city looked really nice in the evenings.
The shopping malls were impressive: spacious, clean, nicely designed ... They even sold clothing my size.
We went to the supermarket, rode the subway.
We ate some nice food, went to a few bars, saw a fire.
And saw some lions. Cool.

And this law is the best idea ever. I think should be introduced to Tokyo immediately.


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