Saturday, July 29, 2006

#118 How To Join Grouper

Watch today's show at YouTube or grouper.

#5 How to join grouper

Do you have a video iPod?
Do you know how to watch The Daily English Show on your video iPod?
Do you want to watch The Daily English Show in iTunes?
Please keep watching.

If you want to watch The Daily English Show on your video iPod or in iTunes, you need to join grouper.
It’s easy.

Oh yeah... If you haven’t already downloaded iTunes... that’s easy too.

You just go to iTunes and click on download.
Enter your Email address.
Click again.
And follow the instructions.

Now it’s time to join grouper.
Go to
Click on Sign Up.
Enter an Email address
User name
Password again
Type the code you see.
(This makes sure that you are human, not computer.)
Click Sign Up.

And that’s it.

Now you can go to The Daily English Show page...
And write a nice comment
Then write nice comments under the videos.
Rate the videos.

And, of course, watch the show in iTunes.

All you need to do is click on this cute little picture.
Then click here.
And the latest episode of The Daily English Show will automatically start downloading.
To download older episodes, just click get.
Get, get, get, get, get.


Then to put the shows on your iPod.
Plug it in.
Go to Edit, Preferences, iPod...
Click here.
Bob’s your uncle.


Music by Snapo.
From the album Lord I say.
Listen to the album on jamendo.
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