Sunday, September 10, 2006

#129 Bali

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Sarah’s Dairy
#10 Bali

Last August I went to Bali for two weeks with my boyfriend.
I’d never been to Bali before.
We flew from Tokyo to Bali with a stopover in Hong Kong.
I got an upgrade to business class for the first time in my life. Wow. Glass.
Nice clouds.

We stayed in three different hotels in Kuta. They were all cheap, but had everything we needed: bed, bathroom. Even a pool. Excellent.

We went surfing almost every day.
Walked along the beach.
And saw some beautiful sunsets at night.

We ate a lot of great food.
Had a few massages.
And did a bit of shopping.
Checked out the supermarket.
And we went to a small grocery store.

We saw these flowers on the footpaths in front of shops every day.
And one day we saw a funeral.

We heard a lot of English walking around.

Yes. Have a look?
Hello, sunglass.
Honeymoon price!
Morning price!
Kiwi? Kia ora bro!
Only ten thousand!
Excuse me.
Hello. Where you from?

And a lot of Japanese.


We also learned a bit of Indonesian.
I think I used this phrase the most.

Tolong satu Bintang besar
Dan dua glass dingin.

At night we enjoyed the cold Bintang.
And went to a few bars and clubs.

One night we went to a party at the Hard Rock Hotel.

We saw the place where a bar used to be.
And a memorial to all the people who died there in 2002.

We did go on one tour.
We went to a temple.
There were lots of monkeys.

And we saw a performance at an open air theatre on top of a cliff.
It was really good!

I had a really good time in Bali.
Beautiful smiles. Bintang.
Good food. Good surf. Good times.


The dance performance was a style called: kecak

The memorial and empty space we saw was because of the 2002 Bali bombings